Ways in which we are just like our cats

It is popular knowledge that humans share many characteristics with monkeys, but, have you ever wondered with what other animals we could have similarities? Turns out that the answer could be in our home.

As cat owners we have experienced the enormous joy of living with these pets, and we have had our fair share of fun with their unique personalities. Little did we know that this affinity for files could be related to the characteristics we share. 

Continue reading to find out 5 ways in which we are just like our cats. 

Clean freaks

When it comes to hygiene, cats are the animals that are the most similar to human beings. If you own a cat you may have noticed the amount of hours it spends licking and grooming itself. They are also impeccable in the litter box use, unlike other domestic animals such as dogs that need weeks or even months of proper training. 

Behavioural learning

Cats and people have very similar learning processes. First, consequence of behaviour is very important for both, meaning that, a behaviour that has a pleasant consequence is labeled as good and a behaviour with a negative consequence is considered bad. 

On the other hand, consistency is key for learning in humans and cats. It is very important to create certain rules during the learning stages in order to guide and indicate which actions are desired and which aren’t. 

Unique print

Human beings use fingerprints as a way to identify each other since we all have a unique one. The same thing happens with cat noses.  

Your cat’s nose is a sort of print that can differentiate it from any other cat in the world. The patterns in the nose are completely unique in every single cat.  


Routine is the ideal comfort zone for humans and cats. We are used to living a very routinary lifestyle, and this is exactly the pattern that cats follow. 

Besides, for both species change can cause a lot of stress. And even if change brings good things, making significant alterations to our day to day always comes with a sometimes rough period of adaptation. 


This is certainly the most surprising similarity we have with cats. A genome study made in 2007 revealed that 90% of our genes are similar to cat’s genetics. 

The percentage of genetic similarity with cats is one of the highest in comparison to other animals such as the dog, with whom we share 81.9% of genes, or the horse, which only shares 78.8% of genes with us. 

Now that you know 5 ways in which we are like cats, you will be able to further appreciate your relationship with your pet. Recognizing our similarities makes looking at the world through their eyes a lot easier. In this way we will better understand their feelings, fears and needs. 

Tell us in the comments what you think of this article and share what other ways you have noticed your cat behaves just like you.

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