6 cat-safe plants you can have at home

Cats are naturally attracted to plants. The scent of the flowers, the curiosity they get from the shape and movement of the leaves, makes it inevitable that they will try to interact with the plants they have within their reach. However, when you have plants and cats at home you must know that some are dangerous for them, so you should choose plants that are safe for cats and do not involve any risk.

Some plants that are completely safe for humans can pose a deadly danger to cats. Others have a mild toxicity to any living thing, but while humans avoid contact with them, we cannot ensure that pets will follow our example.

If you’re a plant lover and don’t want to put your cat’s health at risk, here’s a list of plants that are safe for cats to enjoy. A total of 6 different varieties that both you and your pet will love for their smell and beauty.

Cat-safe plants to have in your home

Aloe vera

One of the safest plants for cats, and perfect to have at home, is aloe vera. This succulent plant, besides being a decorative plant, has multiple uses for health for healing and regenerating of the skin against wounds and burns.

It is a plant that you can have outdoors or indoors, which needs little watering but plenty of sunlight. When ingested in small quantities it is not toxic for cats, and you can also take advantage of its healing properties with your pets, for example for curing different types of wounds.

Aromatic plants

Aromatic plants for your kitchen are also cat friendly. Among them we highlight rosemary, thyme, parsley and mint, very pleasant for its smell and practical to use in your recipes.

Its smell is quite attractive for cats. If your pet tries to nibble on them constantly, don’t worry, they are not toxic to them. However, try to keep them out of their reach so that they don’t end up destroying them, so that you can use them or simply enjoy their delicious aroma.

Yellow palm

Also known as the areca palm, the yellow palm is a houseplant that hardly needs care, it is very decorative, and it is not dangerous for cats. In fact, not many cats are usually attracted to it, so you won’t have to worry about them nibbling on it.


Also, easy to care for, and a perfect plant to have anywhere in the house, ferns are harmless to pets. This houseplant does not need much light, growing luxuriantly when it has the right humidity.

The big advantage is that ferns are usually placed at a certain height, in places where cats cannot usually reach. Your cats and your plants will be well protected, always living together in harmony.


Although they are not the easiest plants to care for, as they need to be in a sunny and high humidity environment, orchids are 100% cat safe plants.

We also recommend keeping them away in case your cat feels the need to bite the flowers and leaves. They are not toxic, but the plant can be very damaged if your cat starts to show great interest in them.


If you’re looking for a plant that’s not dangerous for your cat and that it can enjoy, you should definitely grow catnip at home. Catnip of the Nepeta cataria variety has a cat-stimulating smell. Your cat will want to rub up against it, lick it and bite it, relieving stress and improving her mood.

At Sepicat we love it when we know that pets feel happy and protected in their home. Opt for cat-safe plants to avoid putting them at risk, and you won’t have to give up the pleasure of caring for your own plants at home.

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  1. My cat loves it when I bring carnations home: and soon wrecks the bouquet. Assume they are not toxic just attractive to cats?

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