7 tips to get your cat to drink more water

As we well know, cats must drink enough water to avoid serious health problems.

Not in all cases, nor in all families, this is an easy issue to achieve since there are certain felines that refuse to drink.

Do you know why a cat can refuse to drink? In this article we are going to explain some reasons and ways to solve it.

If, on the other hand, your cat drinks enough water, but you want to help make it a more pleasant and comfortable habit for him, follow these tips.

An important fact to keep in mind, if your cat does not drink water even after trying all these tips and you notice little elasticity in his skin, consult your veterinarian to rule out health problems.


Trips for your cat to drink more water


  • Place where we place the drinker

As we explained in the blog of where to place the litter box for your cat to use, the placement of the drinker is also important.

We must bear in mind that cats must feel safe and comfortable when drinking, so we must find a place away from the litterbox and even, in some cases, away from the place where he or she eats.


  • Drinker material

Some cats notice a different taste depending on the container where we put the water. For this reason, it is important to use materials such as glass, steel or the like to prevent the water from taking on unpleasant flavors.


  • Change the water

Cats are much more scrupulous than dogs, so we must make water changes in their drinking fountain on a daily basis, at least once.


  • Fountain

If you notice that your cat is still not drinking, even changing its water several times a day, it may be pure instinct. Cats instinctively know that water that does not flow is better not to drink to avoid health problems.

There are options for cat fountains on the market for all those felines that need circulating water to drink.


  • Several drinkers

A good idea, if possible, is to have several drinkers throughout the house, in this way we unconsciously encourage the cat to drink because it has the option much more at hand without having to move.


Type of water

Did you know that cats may prefer bottled water? Sometimes the only problem that exists is the taste of the water itself.

Your cat may not like the taste of tap water and for this reason, we encourage you to try bottled water.

Another trick if you do not want to give bottled water is to add flavor to the water, you can add a little chicken broth that you have left over and in this way encourage him to drink water.


  • Wet foods

The last advice we can give you is to incorporate wet food in their diet that have a high percentage of water, but be careful, read our article on this topic to avoid problems.

In addition, if your cat does not care that his dry feed contains water, you can add it or else broth so that at mealtime he also hydrates.


We hope that this article has helped you and if you see that your cat does not drink take him to the doctor so that they can rule out diseases or pathologies.

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