8 Curious cat attributes

Cats are one of the most popular pets to share unforgettable family moments with. Thanks to the unique quality’s cats have, they are very easy to take care of, guaranteeing a very comfortable coexistence no matter your lifestyle.

It has been shown that just like humans, cats also have their own personality. Some are more affectionate, more independent, curious or frightened in front of visitors, but all of them have a series of common characteristics that you will find fascinating. Do you want to discover them?

Curious cat qualities

They are sociable

Although many people try to compare the personality of cats with that of dogs, insisting that they are very independent animals, felines are also sociable, and need contact with humans and other living beings on a daily basis.

Cats that are used to living with other pets can get along well with any other animal, even dogs! They enjoy games and need the company of the rest of their family, demonstrating it every day by greeting you when you walk through the door.

They see you as part of their family

Like all felines, cats also need to have a family in order to feel protected. You may think your cat isn’t very loving towards you, but it’s only because you don’t know how to detect their signs of affection.

When a cat lets you pet it, gives you little bites, licks, or bumps its head against you, it is showing you how much it appreciates you.

They sleep a lot

This may not be new to you, but did you know why cats need so many hours of sleep?

When they sleep, cats don’t easily reach the deep sleep phase. Even during sleep, they are in constant alert, as a defensive measure against possible attacks. Therefore, they need to sleep more hours than other animals and humans, to be able to rest enough.

They dream when they sleep

When a cat reaches the REM phase of deep sleep, it can dream just as humans do. No one knows what felines dream about, but sometimes you can tell that they are having a pleasant dream and even a nightmare.

They are excellent hunters

Although they no longer need to hunt for their daily food, domestic cats have not lost their hunting instinct. If they ever get a chance to prove it, they could perfectly hunt any small animal with amazing skill.

Their cleanliness is very important

Another one of the most evident cat qualities is the importance of their cleanliness. Every day they need to spend several hours cleaning and combing their fur using their own tongue.

It is also important for them to relieve themselves in a clean sandbox with adequate cat litter. In this way they avoid spreading their smell so that they are not detected by other animals that could pose a danger.

They have a very different vision

There are two very interesting facts about the vision of cats. The most well-known one is that they have impressive night vision, capturing the light of the environment to be able to see better at night than during the day.

The other cat quality related to their vision is that they cannot see well up close. To guide themselves in short distances they use their whiskers to help calculate the distances.

They also have feelings

Cats are one of the animals that best express their feelings. You can easily tell when they are happy, sad or angry, among other emotions. However, negative feelings don’t usually last long in cats. If your cat ever gets angry with you, in a few minutes it will be forgotten, and your cat will be back to normal.

These and many other cat qualities are what make these felines the perfect pet for any type of family. At Sepicat we encourage you to discover for yourself how fascinating cats are by adopting a new family member with whom you can share incredible moments.

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