Adapting your house to a new cat

Adapting your house to a new cat

Cómo adaptar tu casa a la llegada de un gato

Thinking of adopting a cat? then you need to know that the first days in its new home are key to its adjustment. It is very important that their space is adequate, which will help the development of your pet-owner relationship. 

You should consider that adopting a cat, regardless of its age, means introducing it to a whole new lifestyle. This may be exciting for you, but can represent a big challenge for them. 

Cats are hunters and climbers, and have instinctual needs that have to be satisfied. Continue reading as we share with you some recommendations of things you can do to help achieve proper adaptation of your new cat to your home. 

Eliminate risks

Cats are curious, especially in the first years of their life. Exploring is part of their nature and is very important for their development, and our house will be the main place where they will do this. 

We should allow our cats to release their inner explorer, but in order to do this safely, we need to get rid of any danger they may face at our house in order to avoid accidents. 

One of the first things you need to do is place screens in all of your windows, more so if you live in a house with more than two storeys or an apartment. Cats are great climbers and their balance is truly impressive, but this does not mean that they can’t suffer a fatal fall. 

You should also be careful with loose cables or decorations with small pieces, since they can chew or even swallow them. On the other hand, cats love eating plants, so we recommend getting rid of them at least for your cat’s first weeks in your home. Not all plants are poisonous, but it is preferable to eliminate them for a while to prevent an accident. 


Cats are very sociable, but they also have a strong independent component in their personality. This is why they need a specific zone in your house, this can be a corner in a room, that they can associate as their personal space. 

In this space you will put all of their belongings (except for the litter box), so that they can slowly make it their own. There are endless amounts of supplies you can get your cat, but not all of them are essential. These are the most important ones: 

Litter box

First and foremost you need to have a proper litter box. Without it, your cat won’t be able to find a proper spot to potty. Equally as important is choosing the right litter, which will be the key for the litter training to work. 


Cat furniture is one of the most entertaining things for your pet, but the price tag makes any owner second guess purchasing them. Nonetheless, if you are barely beginning to adapt your home, the scratcher is truly the only piece of furniture you will need. 

Cats instinctively scratch since they need to file their claws, and, if you don’t have a scratcher at home, they most likely will do this in your own furniture or wood floors. There are various types of scratchers that can adapt to your house, but, if you prefer, you can build your own.


Toys are much more important than we think, since they can prevent your cat from tearing your house apart from boredom, especially when you are not home. It is necessary that we give them at least a pair of toys for them to play with, and that will also contribute to their development. 

Feeder and dispenser

Cats love their routines and are very organized, so their food and water should always be in the same spot.  Also, their feeding time needs to be precisely scheduled. 


Lastly, a private bed to sleep and rest in is a must. We advise that if you have any other cats or pets, each one of them has an individual bed. 

Adopting a cat is one of the best decisions anyone can make. However, having an animal in our lives requires effort and dedication. If we aim to be good and responsible owners, we need to understand what it takes. 

We invite you to keep exploring our blog, there you will find out much more about how to take care of your cat. 

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