How to beat the feline wintertime blues

Every autumn, I go through the same old thing, I start getting more cuddlesome, I usually avoid the other cats more … gee, just like you do, the change from summertime to wintertime really gets to me, as the “autumn blues”. It’s no wonder, because the waning sunlight affects any animal, cat or otherwise, isn’t that so, human?

During these wintertime blues, the most outstanding changes you’ll find taking place in your kitties are that they’re less active, eating less, changing their sleeping habits, their mood changing… Now, of course, in view of any of these symptoms, you should always take us to see the veterinarian to rule out our having any illness before taking it for granted that it’s just a trivial case of our being up to some of our silliness again.

So, if the veterinarian rules out any other reason and our gloominess is due to the change in sunlight, temperature and the change from summertime to autumn, you can help us beat those blues right away. Perk us right up by following these bits of advice!

  • Give us some more light, natural sunlight, if possible. Before going off to work, try to leave the blinds up and the curtains pulled back so that the greatest possible amount of natural light will shine into the house. If your house isn’t very sunshiny, you can always leave a safe, energy-efficient, warm light turned on so that we can warm ourselves while you’re away. The idea is to manage to keep us from staying curled up in some dark corner until you come back home.
  • Give us more warmth. If your cat feels the cold easily, he/she will normally always stay in one same place, finding it unpleasant to get up and move elsewhere. The ideal temperature for us is 25ºC, but if you can’t keep your home at that temperature in autumn and winter, we’ll always be glad to have some cozy alternatives like blankets, cat caves, a little bed beside a nice big sunny window…
  • Pay more attention to us and play with us more. This may be the most important thing of all. I know that, now that summer’s over, you have to go back to work and you have less free time, but please make a special effort and don’t forget to spend a little time playing with us and showing us some affection. We still need you the same or even more than in summertime, when you were so relaxed and had time to do everything, so please don’t forget our play times for fun and enjoyment to keep us contented, healthy and happy.
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