How to care for a cat with pink eye

Conjunctivitis in cats is one of the most frequent eye problems. It can occur at any stage of our lives, causing many discomforts, and even being dangerous if not treated in time.

This type of ocular disease begins very mildly, but as it gets worse it can damage the cornea and the internal structures of the eye, causing blindness, which in many cases is irreversible.

Have you noticed that the health of your pet’s eyes has worsened? Find out if it your kitty has conjunctivitis and how you should act to treat it in time.

What is feline conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is the inflammation of the membrane that lines the eyeball and the inside of the eyelids. It occurs as a side effect of a major problem in the animal, such as a serious infection, or damage to the eye that can cause more important problems.

This symptom is more frequent in small kitties, as well as in stray cats or those who often leave the house frequently. It can also occur at a given time in adult cats and home cats for many different reasons.

Why conjunctivitis occurs in cats

The causes of conjunctivitis in cats are highly varied, giving rise to different types of conjunctivitis in the animal.

Serous conjunctivitis is the most common and easy to treat. It occurs when the cat has an allergy or comes in contact with substances that irritate their eyes. Eyelids are seen as a little more inflamed, with constant tearing.

When secretions in the form of pus occur, it could be due to a major infection. The cat has mucus in the eyes, with tearing and swelling. It is usually due to a viral infection that requires veterinary treatment.

How to care for cat with pink eye

With any symptom, it is very important to go quickly to the veterinarian to detect the cause of the inflammation. The veterinarian will tell you what treatment and care to follow with your pet.

If it is a viral infection, the most normal thing is to follow a treatment to get rid of the virus as soon as possible. The treatment is also accompanied by other care, such as cleaning eyes using a sterile saline solution and sterile gauze, preventing the appearance of rheum and eliminating the accumulated dirt.

Ask your veterinarian how to care for a cat with conjunctivitis and follow the guidelines to the letter. You will see how in a short time your kitty is fully recovered.


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