Is your cat peeing outside of the litter box? Let Sebas tell you the reasons why.

Yes, I know, we cats are territorial animals, and one way we have of marking our territories is leaving urine scents wherever we think best. So, if your kitty doesn’t usually urinate inside the litter box that doesn’t mean it loves marking its comfort zone for no apparent reason, there being many possible reasons why your cat is urinating outside of his litterbox. Keep on reading what I have to say to discover what those reasons can be.

It’s very easy to distinguish whether your cat is marking his territory. If you see your cat spray pee vertically while raising his tail and aiming at the wall or any other object, that’s because he’s making his mark. This is normal for us to do if we’ve just arrived at our new home, but if you find that we don’t stop doing so, especially if your kitty is an unneutered male, you know what has to be done to put a stop to it.  In addition to avoiding unwanted litters of kittens, neutering helps us control our temperament a bit better.

We may also spray when we are feeling afraid or insecure. If what is scaring us comes from outside the home, try placing the litterbox in one of the rooms most sheltered from the outside so that we’ll feel safe when using it. If, on the contrary, it’s the family dog or visitors in the home that drive us over the edge, you can always opt for using cat pheromones to get us to calm down and progressively get used to our surroundings.

Now, as cats will do, if you see using squatting down to pee horizontally, that just means that all we’re doing is just simply urinating. We normally scratch around the urine to try to cover it up, and we urinate often outside of the litterbox, you’ll likely be wondering why we’re doing so.

One of the reasons why we pee just anywhere may be because we’re sick. This may be a matter of anything from a simple cystitis that is painful on urinating to stress or even depression.

If we have some urinary infections, we may not be able to make it to the litterbox in time to relieve ourselves, so please take us to see the veterinarian as soon as possible to get rid of that unpleasant pain. On the other hand, if the reason is due to anxiety or depression, you’ll notice your cat’s behavior becoming more nervous and hyperactive, the solution in these cases consisting of getting help from your veterinarian.

Old age can also be one of the reasons why your cat urinates outside of the litterbox. As times goes by, we usually find it harder to get around, we becomes more listless and are more prone to illness, and so if we aren’t feeling strong enough, we’ll pee wherever we‘re able to.

Last of all, another reason may be that we’re rejecting the litterbox either because it´s not clean, we don’t like the type of litter in the box, you’ve suddenly changed cat litter or the litterbox on us, we’re not comfortable with how the litterbox is positioned or with the litterbox itself or, there’s more than one cat in the home and we don’t want to share a bathroom. In these cases, the only way to solve the problem is by trying one option after another by trial and error until you find what suits our preferences. Thank goodness that Sepicat makes it super-easy for you to get just the right cat litter to please us!


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