Cats and boxes; one of their favourite toys

Have you been able to see for yourself the passion that cats feel for boxes? Just by leaving a box within their reach, they feel the need to get into it and turn it into their property. It does not matter if it is a big box or if it is tiny one, they find all of them an ideal toy where they can hang out.

Most humans cannot understand why cats have such an obsession with this simple object. Today I would like to explain why cats and boxes are always a winning combination.

Why do cats love boxes?

No matter how many special toys they have at home, a simple box usually becomes their favourite. No beds, no scrapers, no tunnels or houses; a box always makes them much happier. And the fact is that boxes have so many uses that they can always get a lot out of them.

To hide

Cats love to hide. Boxes are perfect to feel safe in a place where nobody sees them, and where they can see everything that happens around them through a small slit.

To sleep

When they are not watching over, boxes are also used to sleep in a quiet place. The cardboard is a soft, insulating and very comfortable material. Almost more comfortable than any pet bed you can find in the market.

Nose around

A closed box can contain anything inside it. Cats are curious by nature, and they can spend hours trying to open the box to see what is inside. They love to smell them, to touch them, and at the end to be able to access their content and be surprised.

Scratch and bite

The cardboard is perfect for scratching, biting and rubbing against it to mark it and make it their box. It is very common that although they have much appreciation for their favourite box, it becomes the ideal place to sharpen their nails. This is their way to customise it!

And your cat, does he/she also like boxes so much? How does your pet usually use them?

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Masie! They really motivate us to keep writing about our favorite subject… cats! And don’t forget to read our latest posts, you will find more interesting articles that will help you take care of your pet.

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