Why cats don’t like getting wet

So, should I ask you why you don’t like doing certain things? But all right, I’ll try to satisfy your curiosity to see if you learn to respect our customs. That fact that we cats don’t find the liquid element particularly attractive has a great deal to do with our ancestors and their original habitat.

Most of us descend from wild cats living in desert areas. Coming into contact with water was something not only difficult but also highly infrequent, and the few times we had access to water, we had to deal with hundreds of predators placing our lives in jeopardy.

If you notice, today’s big cats stay away from the water, due either to the presence of crocodiles and any other predator. That’s why you’ll see them resting in a dry area or lounging up on a tree branch.

Besides, the first humans to have felt the need to tame us also wanted to take every precaution to keep us from being exposed to the elements and so kept us indoors out of the rain and away from those places where there might have been watercourses.

Anyway, you must know that some breeds of cats get along better with water than others. That depends preferably on the place where they have been raised. In fact, some breeds even hunt frogs in lakes. But that’s a whole different story.

What is indeed important is for you to know that water is not of crucial importance for our development beyond the need of quenching our thirst. If you’ve had a cat before, you’ll know by experience that we are quite good at taking care of our own grooming. Besides, our saliva contains a sort of natural grease cleaner, and our tongue’s rough surface is simply fantastic for leaving our skin as clean as a whistle.

Mind you now, if you are still insisting on bathing us, you have to be aware of the fact that you shouldn’t bathe us often, as you could dry out our skin and contribute to our losing our personal pheromones.

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