Cats in heat: What precautions should I take?

Although it’s not possible to determine the exact time of year when cats go into heat, the truth is that there are factors which can have an influence, such as the weather, temperature, cat’s breed or weight.

The most common is that the heat in cats occurs during the warm months of the year.

Find out in the following blog what the differences are between male and female heat and what precautions should be taken during heat in cats.


Differences between the heat in females and males

The first thing we should bear in mind are the symptoms of the female cats, as they usually have their first fertile cycle earlier than males, at around 6-9 months of age and experience more marked symptoms. Male cats are in heat all year or rather always react whenever there is a female in heat nearby.

More than physical symptoms, as the symptoms may not be very noticeable to the eye, the main thing to pay attention to is your female cat’s behavior. She can be expected to start rubbing up against everything to mark her territory and to mark the path for the male to find her.  Her yowling is for the same purpose of drawing attention, and she may show herself to be particularly affectionate.

Males, on the other hand, although not displaying such obvious symptoms, may possibly start urinating rather repeatedly in certain places to mark their territory and may be more aggressive with other male cats who may pose a threat to their dominance.


How to take care of your cat in heat

Once we have seen some differences between females and males during their fertile stages, now we are going to see what precautions should be taken when we have a cat in heat at home.


  • Scape

The main danger for your cat during heat is that it tries to escape in order to mate.

For this reason, it is very important to watch the kittens during this stage to prevent them from leaving through open windows or doors.

We recommend that during these days you do not open the windows, but if you do make sure that are well protected to avoid falls.

Undoubtedly, your cat will try to find the smallest hole to escape with the risks that this entails.


  • Castration

To have a calmer life and, in addition, to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, it is recommended to castrate your cat.

A cat in heat that cannot mate is not a happy cat.

With castration you will be investing in their health as it helps prevent diseases such as feline immunodeficiency, improve their behavior and extend their life.

To perform the castration we recommend that you consult your veterinarian to find out the ideal time to perform it.


  • Entertain them

When we have a cat in heat it is very important to understand that it is not an easy situation for them, so during this time it is recommended that you dedicate time to them.

As we have said before, the kittens will be more affectionate, correspond that need.

Also, a great tip for most situations, including heat, is playtime. Play with your cat to make him “forget” for a while about his discomfort or escape plan.

These are some tips that you should take into account to be able to cope in the best possible way with the heat of your cat. Take into account the recommendations of your veterinarian to know the ideal time for neutering or precautions to take.

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