Do cats really get the autumn blues?

Absolutely! Just like you humans, we cats get kind of wistful when the season changes. Changing from enjoying long, sunny days full of all kinds of things to do outdoors to watching it rain off and on, getting chilly and enjoying fewer hours of sunlight can bring on a certain degree of sadness.

Not to worry, there’s a cure for everything and, with your help, we’ll be back to being your usual kitties as always.

Although it is true that we are usually calm and collected animals who spend long hours dozing and play once in a blue moon with you (but we do), the autumn blues can get us down more than usual.

Besides feeling less active, the autumn blues typically take away our appetite, make us sleep more than usual and have anything to do with you to the least possible degree. You don’t want us to behave that way, do you? We don’t either, believe me. Deep down, we have our little feelings and want to feel as good as always. Help us!

If you think about it, the symptoms of feline autumn blues are quite similar to how we behave when we’re feeling kind of sick. So, if you find that autumn comes and we’re behaving strangely, please don’t chalk it up directly to the change in season and check it out with the veterinarian to make certain that we’re not actually sick.

Once the veterinarian has make certain that there’s nothing wrong with us, you’ll be able to help us get over these autumn blues if you control a couple factors that have a considerable influence on our behaviour. You’ve most likely realized what I’m talking about by now, but in case you haven’t, I’ll tell you. I’m talking about the changes in temperature and the amount of light.

How to help your cat get over the autumn blues

You can help us get over or suffer from this mood to the least possible degree with some easy tricks that will do wonders for us.

  1. If you spend long hours away from home for any reason, make sure to leave the blinds up so that we can enjoy the sunlight as best possible. And if you see that you’re going to be coming home late after sundown, don’t forget to leave some light on in the house so that we’ll still be able to enjoy a warm, cosy environment after sunset.
  2. Concerning temperatures, try to keep our house warm and our bed nice and We don’t like to be chilly, you know.
  3. Try to spend some more time with us. Yes, we miss you and need you more than ever. Give us love!

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