How to survive Christmas with your cat

It’s Christmastime! The time when our humans build an amusement park inside the house for us… I mean, they decorate the house with Christmas decorations ;). We just adore this time of year, because we have ourselves a great time “tearing up” your decorations. No, we don’t do it to misbehave, we just simply love having so many “toys” so close within a paw’s reach But not to despair, humans, I’m also here to give you a few little tips to enable you to survive Christmas with your cat. Listen up!


The Christmas tree and your cat


Whether your tree is artificial or otherwise, humans, don’t put up a tree inside the house at our full disposal so that we’ll be wanting to shinny up its trunk and go teetering out on its branches. What’s more, you load it with shiny little lightweight balls that we’ll be swiping our claws at as soon as we get a chance.

Opt for placing this little tree as far as possible from any other furniture. That way, we won’t be using your furniture as a springboard to try to reach that little star way up on the tippy top. What’s more, try to make sure that the ornaments aren’t too eye-catching or shiny, better even if they’re flat instead of ball-shaped and, of course, make sure that we can’t swallow them.

When choosing what size Christmas tree you want, bear in mind that the taller the tree, the more we’ll be wanting to make our way right to the very top. Opt for one of those middle-sized or small trees that will be just as beautiful as a huge tree once decorated. And try to get an artificial tree. We’re find artificial trees somewhat less enticing, and we won’t be as apt to hurt ourselves on their prickly branches.

As far as lights are concerned, I’ve already told you that we find shiny things absolutely irresistible, so whenever the lights are lit up, we’ll be trying to chew on them and play with them. So, please never leave the tree lights turned on if you leave us alone at home with the Christmas decorations. We’re not aware of the fact that lights need to be plugged in to electricity to be lit, so when chewing on them we may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Despite all of the little tips I’ve given you, I can’t assure you that your cat will not wind up knocking over your Christmas tree in the end. Be creative and put decorations and a little tree in unusual places so that it will be harder for us to get to them.

Last of all, I’ll sign off for now wishing you…. Meow, Merry Christmas!

Cat playing under the Christmas tree

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