How to clean your cat’s ears

You know we cats are creatures obsessed with our grooming, but we can’t always get ourselves thoroughly clean. That’s why it suits us just perfectly to be able to count on you humans, who, besides loving and feeding us, are attentive to all our needs. Today, I’d like to focus on showing you how to clean our ears without hurting us.

Keeping our ears clean is absolutely essential for preventing possible ear problems or diseases.  Now, of course, if you’re going to do the ear cleaning yourselves, you’d best keep a number of precautions in mind so as not to hurt us while cleaning our ears.

The first thing you must keep in mind is that you must never, and I mean never ever, put anything at all inside our ears. Being cats, we tend to be touchy and we’re skittish, so just picture you poking around inside our ears with a cotton swab and we all of a sudden jerking and getting hurt … or, even worse, picture that swab getting jabbed into our little ear. It would take a whole lot for us to regain our trust in you afterward, and that’s something we want to keep from happening.

To clean our hearing apparatus, all you have to do is tidy up our outer ear. In other words, only the outer part of our ear, without touching the inner part at all. To do so, my advice is that you use gauze or some similar non-shedding, sterile material.  Not to worry, the saline solution will leave the gauze well-sterilized, and we’ll turn out squeaky clean.

How often would we like you to do this for us? Easy, at least once a month, unless we just love being outdoors a lot and get dirtier than normal.  In these cases, you’ll have to clean our ears more often. You just keep an eye out and, if you see us getting dirty, then go on and clean our ears without further ado; but if our ears our clean, best just leave them be.

Now that you know how to take good care of our hearing, if you notice us having more secretions than normal, take us to your trusted veterinarian right away for a prompt diagnosis as to what’s wrong with us.


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