What is the best cat litter for my cat? Clumping cat litter

Do you know how to choose the best litter for your cat? Do you have doubts about whether you are using the correct litter or not?

We know that there are many litters on the market and whether we are “first timers” or not, choosing the cat litter can be a complicated task.

If your cat is also a bit exquisite and not all types will work for him, this task can be a big headache.

For these reasons, in this article we are going to give you some advice on the types of litters that exist and what you should base yourself on when choosing.

On the other hand, if your questions are related to how to make a change of litter for your cat and make it as satisfactory as possible, visit our blog.


Depending on the composition:

  • Bentonite:

This material is intended for traditional clumping sands.

  • Hormite:

This type of material is exclusive from Sepiolsa, intended for lightweight clumping litters and providing great efficiency and lightness.

  • Other products:

In this section we are including litters as silica or vegetable.


Depending on the colour:

In this section we want to highlight that the color of the litter does not depend on its quality and is simply an aesthetic condition. For tastes, colors!


Depending on the density and size of the grain:

The density of the litter will greatly influence the durability and use of the cat litter. Our LightWeight range has a low density which makes it easy to handle and load.

Regarding the size of the grain, we can say that there are two varieties:

  • Little: They are highly absorbent, last longer, generate less dust, and are gentle with the cat’s paws.
  • Thick: It is less likely to stay in the paws of cats, cheaper and especially designed for cats with long hair.


Once we have analyzed the litter itself, it is time to see the characteristics of your family. This way you will be able to choose the best cat litter for you.


Type of maintenance you want to do:

Depending on how much you want to clean your cat’s litter box, you should choose a clumping litter or not. Do you want to know the difference?


Type of cat you have:

Depending a lot on the type of fur your cat has, you should get one type or another of litter. Do you have doubts? Check our litter selector.


Number of cats that will use the litter box:

If you have several cats at home, but only one litter box, it is recommended that you have a litter with guarantees of durability, odor retention and effectiveness. Take a look at our LightWeight range!


We hope that with this article you will be able to have a litter that your cat enjoys using and that also adapts to the needs of your family.

As we always tell you, visit our blog to take better care of your cat. We not only talk about litters but we give you advice on its care, hygiene, curiosities and characteristics.

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