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Cómo evitar que el gato se suba a la encimera de la cocina

As we well know, cats have no limits when it comes to climbing the most difficult and highest places in the house. The kitchen counter is no exception, but many people prefer that this place is not one that the cat wants or can access.

Preventing the cat from climbing on the kitchen counter can be a somewhat complicated task to implement in the house rules. The counter is a place where we have delicious food and where we work with products that they love, for this reason our behavior has to be inflexible and never allow the cat to climb on the counter and make no exceptions.

Do you want to know all the steps you must take into account to prevent the cat from climbing on the counter? In this article we are going to explain the procedure you must follow to avoid this behavior.


Identify what makes the cat climb on the counter:

Not all cats get on the counter for the same reason. It is very important to pay attention to why they are doing it. Some of the most common reasons are:


  • Food

If we leave food on the counter, it can make the cat feel attracted to go up to eat any rest or crumb that remains.

If this is the reason why the cat climbs on the counter, we should avoid leaving food within reach and try to feed it more often. This does not mean that you increase their daily allowance, but that you divide the amount into smaller portions and give them throughout the day.


  • Views

Another reason may be the windows. If your kitchen has a window, it is very likely that the cat will climb on the counter to look and satisfy its more curious side, or it can also be a place where the sun shines a lot and they want to take a nap.

If this is the reason, we recommend that you provide them with a window hammock where they can climb up and rest or provide them with a specific place with this same view.


  • Taps

Many cats love to drink from sources or places where the water runs due to their wildest instincts, they think that where the water runs there are no diseases or problems, which happens in stagnant waters.

If your cat gets on the counter for this reason, we recommend that you provide a cat water fountain. This way they will have an ideal place to drink.


  • High places

Cats love heights and counters are a perfect elevated place to climb. If it is simply for this reason, you can provide the cat with an exclusive place for him and reward him every time he goes there.


Prevent them from rising to the counter:

If with these tips that we have given you cannot correct this behavior, we recommend some of the following tips:


  • Unpleasant odors

When cleaning the counter, you can spray it with unpleasant odors for cats such as citrus.


  • Aluminum foil

Covering the surface of the counter with aluminum foil may be another option. Most cats are scared by the texture and sound of this paper, so they won’t be interested in going up to such an unpleasant place.


  • Loud sounds

Every time your cat is going to climb, you can clap your hands or drop a sound object that will make it lose interest. It is important that the cat does not identify that you are the source of that sound.


  • Put the cat down

Finally, every time the cat goes up to the counter, we recommend that you put it down while saying the word No! firmly.


We hope that with all these tips you will be able to correct the behaviors that you prefer your cat to avoid. If you want more information and advice, pay attention to our blog and social networks.

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