Cómo evitar que los gatos arañen los muebles

Has your cat got used to scratching on your favorite furniture? Do you want to stop your cat from scratching furniture?

If the answer is yes, follow these easy tips to stop your cat from scratching furniture.

These are also very useful advices for all those families who have decided to adopt a cat and want to teach it well from the beginning.


  • Discover the texture and the way your cat scratches

Although scratching and sharpening nails is a must for cats, they don’t all scratch in the same way.

Scratching is a way for cats to release stress, sharpen their nails, clean them, or mark territory.

Keep in mind that not all cats scratch on the same surfaces and in the same position. It is very important to pay attention to whether your cat scratches vertically or horizontally and the type of texture he likes.

Paying attention to these habits is important since it is not the same to get a scratching post or carpet as well as one with strings or cardboard.


  • Place a scratching post in front of the furniture

If your cat likes a specific place of the sofa to scratch, it is good to place the scratching post just in front so that when your cat is about to scratch, it will find an obstacle but a good one to sharp its nails.


  • Take the cat to the scratching post

It is important to catch the cat red-handed when he is scratching where we do not want.

When it is scratching furniture, we will have to say an energetic no and take it to the ideal place where the cat should scratch.


  • Cover the furniture

While we wait for the cat to get used to the new place, we will have to cover the furniture in question with some cloth or plastic wrap where it can continue scratching or where it can see that the texture has changed and is no longer so appealing.


  • Cat grass

There is a type of cat grass that its smell makes it stimulating for cats to scratch there.

We recommend that you use them and impregnate the new scratching post with it so that the aroma invites the cat to sharpen its nails.


These are some tricks to redirect the behavior of our cat to the ideal place to scratch, but if you want to continue having more information on this subject, we leave you some of the related blogs:


As you can see, it is a subject on which we have discussed different aspects since it is a fundamental and worrying part for many families with felines.

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As we always say, it is key to have patience and understanding with our kittens since any learning process is slow and mistakes can be made.

Be patient and you will have a home in harmony and with a perfect cat!

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