Cómo evitar que tu gato se interese tanto por las decoraciones navideñas

That time of year when all the houses are filled with Christmas trees, lights and Christmas decorations is approaching.

As we well know, these Christmas decorations are not characterized by being discreet, for this reason, many cats are looking forward to this time of the year to be able to play non-stop.

It is important to bear in mind that Christmas decorations can be dangerous for cats. For this reason, we are going to give you some tips so that the cat gets along with the Christmas decorations and avoid as much as possible that they become obsessed with it.


How to prevent your cat from having so much interest in the Christmas decorations


In this article we are going to focus mainly on the Christmas tree because it is undoubtedly the center of attention of all the kittens.

Christmas trees are a great toy for cats because they are a place where they can climb, rest on one of the branches or play with the hanging decorations. Let’s see some tips to prevent your cat from having so much interest in the Christmas tree!


Tree decorations

It is recommended to put decorations that are not very flashy and shiny. That is, it is good to avoid baubles with excessive brightness.

Also, if you have decorations that do not hang, such as bows, much better.

If you want Christmas baubles, we recommend that you try to put the decoration towards the middle of the branch and not just at the tip. In this way we will “camouflage” them a bit.

Another important fact to prevent the cat from climbing the Christmas tree is to decorate the upper half of the tree. If we leave the lower half a little less decorated, we will not “warn” the cat that there are many more ornaments on the upper part.


Christmas lights

This tip applies to both the Christmas lights and the tree itself. Cables are an excellent toy for many cats and if the lights also blink and change color, much more.

If you are going to put lights on the Christmas tree and to avoid problems, we recommend that you make some homemade repellent.

If we apply any smell to the tree or the lights that the cat does not like, we will prevent it from biting the cables.

Some of the scents they reject the most are citrus and vinegars. Our recommendation? Add a little water, vinegar and lemon juice and sprinkle the tree from time to time


Aluminum foil

As we said in the blog about how to prevent the cat from climbing on the kitchen counter, many cats do not like the texture of aluminum foil. You can put the base of the tree with this material as a way to make the cat think if it is really interested in climbing or not.


Safety in Christmas decorations for the cat

Finally, we want to give you some ideas to have a safe Christmas with your cat. Some tips are:

  • Anchor the Christmas tree well to the ground to prevent it from falling on the cat
  • Do not put ornaments that break and generate crystals if they fall
  • Avoid Christmas decorations that are too small. We already know that cats are very curious and take everything they see.
  • Do not leave Christmas sweets such as nougat within reach. Chocolate is not good for cats.


We hope you found it interesting and from Sepicat we wish you happy holidays and a new year.

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