Do you have a destructive cat? Help your cat behave better.

The humans who take care of us, the most marvelous beings in the entire universe, don’t usually complain about our behavior and associate possible aggressive and anxious types of behavior with dogs, but I must admit that we cats sometimes go overboard and wind up turning everything into a disaster area.

If your cat is destructive, it’s easy to convince him or her to stop destroying things. All you have to do is pay a little more attention to your kitty’s care and keep your cat as well-entertained as possible. But, of course, you must know that we don’t claw your things to shreds just for fun, as it’s our way of marking our territory and, my dear humans, we cats are extremely territorial!

The best way to get up to stop clawing your furniture to pieces is for you to give us a cat clawing post. Besides, if you spray quality-approved products containing pheromones on our toys, you’ll be helping to make them more enticing for us so that we’ll forget all about your belongings.

In the event that your kitty loves to go around chewing on everything, watch to see if it especially likes any specific material in particular. Sometimes we are wild about chewing on bits of leather, fabric or even paper or cardboard. In these cases, your best bet for getting your cat to stop being destructive will be to provide it with toys made of the same material it likes to bite and chew on.

But, of course, no matter how hard you try, your kitty is going to keep on chewing and clawing all your belongings at first. Think about it. You’d do the very same thing if you didn’t have any other way of entertaining yourself or marking what you consider to be your territory as should be. But, I’ll be good and give you the advice again of using a water spray to get us to behave the way you want us to… at least while you’re looking. This trick consists of spraying us lightly with water every time we do something you don’t like. I assure you that we’ll stop doing whatever it is that bothers you so much within no time at all.

Another highly important point for keeping your treasured belongings safe and sound is for you to put them away. Tempting us is a no-no, humans! And being cats as we are, we find ourselves being tempted most of the day to do just about anything … good or bad. It all depends on you.

Lastly, if you take all this advice and your kitty is still showing signs of anxiety or compulsion, don’t hesitate to see your trusted veterinarian for advice as to what you can do to improve your pet’s health.


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