Diets for cats with special needs

Humans, I hope that by this time you are clear about how to care for a cat. Our diet must always be balanced, provide us with the energy and nutrition our small bodies need. Regardless of whether or not your kitty has special needs, you should pay special attention to your diet so that we don’t get too fat and stay as healthy as possible.

Now then, if your kitty has a chronic illness, food intolerance or is overweight, you will have to provide a diet that meets our needs. But, do you know what you should feed us in these cases? Relax, I don’t either. Fortunately, we have veterinarians at our disposal to advise you on the best way to care for a cat.

The fact that your kitty has some special need does not mean it is not a normal cat. You can play with it, pet, talk to it, teach it, pamper it… Just like any other kitty. Don’t be scared or rule me out as a pet for something so minor. All you need is some kind of specific care that will make you even more endearing and, of course, a special diet.


What should my overweight kitty eat?


These days, given our quality of life and your excessive displays of affection, it is not uncommon to see overweight kitties. As happens with you, humans, if we exceed our ideal weight we will have more tendency to suffer diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, heart problems… So, do us a favour and try not to give us more food than necessary. Oh, and watch it with the sweets, which is also food after all.

It is not about making us eat less to lose weight. What we need is food specifically formulated to satisfy us, provide us with the necessary nutrients and allow us to recover our figures. This, accompanied by games and exercise, will put us back in shape in a short time.


What to feed your kitty if it suffers from food allergies


There are few cats with food intolerance but, when they do, it can be a very traumatic experience. Only the veterinarian is trained to diagnose your cat’s allergy. In most cases, these allergies are due to the proteins in the food. Simply removing that food from our diets can even solve problem.

The fact of the matter is that cats are carnivorous animals. If the protein of chicken, fish, lamb or ox is what causes us allergy, we must compensate with a balanced diet to replace this food with another. Let the specialist find out what we are reacting to and feed us what they tell you. It will make life easier for everyone.

As with all food allergies, it will be the specialists who will indicate what food you should give to your pet if it suffers from a chronic disease or special need. You see, knowing how to care for a cat is not that difficult. You just have to be well advised.


Orange cat eating cats' food in a plate

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