Fruits cats can safely eat

As cats we are carnivores which means that the base of our diet must be comprised of animal proteins from meats and fish. However some cats are crazy about some vegetables, particularly some frits which are very attractive due to their taste and smell.

Not everything is adequate for feeding cats. Some fruits can be taken without a problem as long as there are taken moderately and others which are to be limited since they are highly toxic. Today we are going to see which cats can have during the summer or at any time during the year and which are dangerous and must never be included in their diet.

Fruits for cats that are healthy

Fruits for cats can be taken in small amounts, as long as your pets likes the flavor and is willing to take them. It is better to combine them with a healthy and balanced diet comprised mainly of dry and wet food.

  • Melon and watermelon. Those fresh fruits represent summer and we love them for their flavor as well as their smell. Their high water content is perfect to cover the water needs of your feline, so try to offer some every now and then.
  • A peeled and seedless apple is the perfect treat for your cat. It specifically prevents your cat from being able to swallow apple cores, since they are toxic.
  • A peeled and cut pear also drives us crazy. It is perfectly safe without seeds and your pet will love it.
  • Strawberries and red fruits. Rich in vitamin C and with a high fiber content, the smell of these fruits drives us crazy. It has a low sugar content, but is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Toxic fruits for cats

Just like there are fruits which we can eat without any risk whatsoever, there are others that are very dangerous to our health.  Among them we find citrics such as orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit, dehydrated fruits such as figs and raisins, plums, persimmons and avocados.

Try for your cat not to eat fruits with seeds or those which are too ripe, deciding to stick with cat fruits which are good for us.

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