Gatos y clima frío. Consejos para mantenerlos calientes

Gatos y clima frío. Consejos para mantenerlos calientes

Cats and cold weather don’t get along at all. As we well know, cats always look for the sun’s rays to lie down and the warmest and most comfortable places in the house.

During this winter it is highly recommended to be prepared so that the cats do not get cold and avoid that they themselves have to look for radiators or hiding places where they feel somewhat more comfortable.

Felines are very sensitive to temperature changes, for these reasons we want to give you some tips to prevent cats from getting cold and get through winter in the best possible way.



In other blogs such as the importance of the tin or what cats can eat and what not, we talk about the importance of a balanced diet that is the most appropriate for the cat’s type of life. In this case it is the same, if we have a cat that goes outside where the temperatures are low, the caloric intake it will need during this time of year is higher.

On the other hand, if your cat does not leave the house, it is good not to change the diet since its exposure to sudden changes in temperature is very low and, in addition, we can make it overweight.


Cat fur

Cats and their nature are very wise as they shed their hair and prepare it for the time of low temperatures. This way they will have strong hair and it will be a great protector against the cold.

It is important that we keep the cat with a good brushing routine and help it to maintain its coat in the best possible way.


Blankets and bed

If the cat goes outside it may be frozen when it returns, for this reason it is highly recommended that we do not waste time and wrap it with a good blanket even with a hot water bottle that serves as a focus to warm the blanket. The cat will thank you.

Leaving a blanket handy is essential so that cats do not get cold. With it, they will be able to lie down, snuggle, and even get under as they please.

As for the bed or places to lie down, it is good that during these cold months it is placed in a high place and not directly on the ground to prevent the cold from penetrating.

If you do not have this possibility, we recommend that you put a cardboard just under his bed that in addition to being a great toy will protect him against the cold.

Did you know that there are heated cat beds and radiator hammocks? In both cases, the purpose is for the cats to have a source of heat either from the bed itself or the heat that comes out of the radiator, but without burning.


House tricks

In addition to all this, if we want to ensure that the cat does not get cold at home, it is good that they make the most of the sun’s rays. Pull up the blinds and open the curtains during the day so they can lie and relax under the warmth of UV rays.

You can also place their scratching posts and several beds where sunlight shines during the day. Thus indirectly they will be able to be in the sun, if the day allows it.

Avoid leaving doors and windows open that create freezing drafts.


Play with the cat

Playing with cats will keep them active and warm up quickly.


These are some of the tricks you can follow to keep cats warm and not cold. But without a doubt, the best advice and ways to warm up is to snuggle together.

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