What gifts can we give to our kitty?

Cats are another member of the family, and as such, we have the same enthusiasm to receive some gifts at Christmas that shows us how much we are loved. One way to generate an affective bond with your pet is to find a detail so that you know that you also remember her.

Beyond the typical toys for cats, which are something more personal according to the preferences and the age of the feline, today I want to propose some very useful gifts that your pet will surely make good use of. Choose your favourite to make an original Christmas gift for your kitty, because he deserves it too!

Candy for kitties

The diet that cats have is usually quite monotonous. Why not take advantage of Christmas to give us a delicious treat that at the same time is healthy?

Beyond the goodies that you can find in any supermarket, a very special gift can be a more elaborate snack, which will also have an exquisite flavour. Take the opportunity to play with your cat and teach him new tricks to give him a prize with his new snack. They are two gifts that we cats love, a treat and spending time receiving love from our family.

Drinking fountain

Cats like fresh water more, and that’s why we find it more appetizing to drink from a fountain instead of a bowl with stagnant water. If your cat does not yet have a drinker, or you need to renew the one you already have, take the opportunity to invest in a good pet fountain.

You’ll see how your pet enjoys drinking water from its new fountain. Your kitty won’t be able to resist dipping her pay and it will be a lot of fun.

Cat shelves for the wall

If your cat is an adventurer, lover of heights, this Christmas you can fulfil his dream and give him the best toy: wall-mounted shelving stairs that your kitty can climb.

More than a toy, it is a necessity for us cats to be able to climb to high places to feel protected. Especially if you have several cats at home, this system can be the best gift that all of them will end up using to play, rest, and monitor from on high.

Fluffy blanket

A very special gift for your pet, which can also be adjusted to any type of budget, can be a blanket that only she uses. To sleep on it, knead it, and even bite and play with it, a blanket is an element that every cat needs to have at home.

Choose one that is not too big, soft to the touch, polar type, and you’ll see how it turns into your cat’s favourite blanket You kitty will love it!


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