How do I know when my cat has a fever?

As owners, one of our biggest concerns is maintaining our cat’s health. When our cat’s well being is affected, it becomes a very big frustration and recovering it will have to become our top priority

In this article we will help you to identify if your cat has a fever, the most common causes and how to control it.

How can I know when my cat has a fever?

There are various fever symptoms in cats, here are some of the most notorious ones, 

  • They don’t drink water or eat. Their food intake is very low or they have simply stopped eating. When it comes to drinking, we should help them keep hydrated since this is very important for their recovery.  
  • Hot and dry nose. You have probably noticed that your cat’s nose is cold and wet. This temperature change is a sign of poor health, but not necessarily always related to a fever.
  • Low energy. They just want to sleep and be left alone. 
  • Neglect and carelessness. Hygiene mislips like not using the litter tray

How do I take my cat’s temperature?

In order to take your cat’s temperature you will need to use a digital thermometer. We recommend that, regardless if you just bought it or found one at home, that you use this device exclusively for your pet and do not share it with other members of your family.

There are three ways you can take your cat’s temperature, but the best and most precise one is definitely rectal. For this, we advise you to ask for some to help you hold your cat and wrap it in a towel to immobilize it.  

Prepare the thermometer with vaseline to lubricate it, lift the tail and introduce the thermometer some centimeters without forcing. Wait for the temperature to be measured and then remove slowly. 

The second method is with the armpits, it is less reliable but more simple. Hold your cat and place the thermometer underneath the armpit, avoiding movement. 

Lastly, you can take the temperature of the ears. To be able to place the thermometer properly inside the ear channel you will need someone to help you hold the cat, since the head has to be held still. When you do this you should hold the thermometer horizontally.  

Why does my cat have a fever?

It is possible that we can help your cat control the fever, but you shouldn’t forget that this is a sign of the body that lets us know if there is something behind that is more serious. We should always go to the veterinarian to treat the real health issues that our pet could have.  

The veterinarian will prescribe the medication or treatment necessary to control the fever, this is why it is important that it is not interrupted or ended before indicated.

Nonetheless, if for some reason you cannot visit the vet, you may follow certain remedies to control the situation. Remember that everything has to be done with previous medical authorization. 

It is very important that we monitor your cat’s liquid intake, since we should prevent any dehydration. You can also try to regulate its body temperature by placing wet compresses in its forehead for a few minutes. This can be done with towels and cold water.

This process must be done twice a day, and you can also put these compresses in their paws, tummy and in the inside to improve results. 

If you wish to learn more about taking care of your cat, visit our section cat health and care in our blog. 

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