How to pet a cat

Cats love to be caressed, but as soon we look for human care, we may get tired of being touched and end up biting or scratching without warning. The thing is that petting a cat may seem simple but requires technique and some tricks to extend that moment of contact with your kitty.

There are some places where your kitty loves to be pet and others that we don’t want you to touch for anything in the world. If you also want to learn how to pet your cat, these tricks will be a great help to enjoy with your kitty.

Let your kitty come to you

The best way to pet a cat without risk of getting a scratch is to let it be the kitty who comes to you. When your kitty wants to be caressed, it will come to you and rub against your body, looking for your hands to pet it.

Wait until your kitty is calm

Another ideal time to pet your kitty is when it’s relaxed. Take advantage of it when your kitty is asleep or lying down to pet in the areas that your kitty likes the most.

Pet your kitty’s head

Start petting a cat always on the head. This is where the cat has the main glands that secrete pheromones, with which they mark their territory and they will also be marking you. Above all, you kitty will love that you touch chin, the cheeks, between the eyes and the top of the head, behind the ears.

Along the back

Pet your kitty from the head down the back to the tail if your kitty lets you, always in the direction of the hair. Try scratching lightly on your kitty’s back as you pass your hand. Many cats do not like to be touched just over the tail, so do not focus on this part if you notice that your kitty is upset.

Pay attention to signals

When you are petting a cat that does not liking your caresses, before it will bite or scratch, there is a clear signal even if it shows very subtly: when it starts to move its tail in a nervous way. This is the sign that the cat is upset and that you should stop petting, until the next time the cat asks you to.

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