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How to potty train a rescued cat?

When you rescue a cat, most likely you will have to make an extra effort to make it adapt to certain routines, especially the proper use of a litter tray or box. Cats live in the street and are used to potty anywhere, and training them to do it correctly in your home can be challenging. But don’t worry, here we will give you some tips to ease this process so your cat can potty in the right place. 

In the beginning it may seem like an almost impossible mission, since changing habits of a cat that is not used to a routine can take a while. But, felines have the capability to adapt to new circumstances, it is just a matter of time and patience. 

Choose the correct litter

Litter is very important since cats usually are very particular with their belongings. You can try different types of litter to be able to identify which one makes your pet feel more comfortable.  

As owners, we need to be aware of the quality of the litter we are buying for our cats. Both our pets and ourselves need to feel comfortable with the litter choice. You will need to consider that most litters release a type of dust that can harm our and our cat’s health. 

At Sepicat we designed the best litters for your cat so you can find the perfect one. With the highest quality materials, you and your cat will have the best product that suits both your needs. 

We invite you to discover all the litters that we have created so you can select the right one for your particular requirements. The materials that we use are designed to guarantee perfect absorption, making the cleaning process easier. Plus, odors are encapsulated, which means that you and your cat will be happy and satisfied.   

Recreate the outdoors in your house

When your cat is used to potty in the street and practically anywhere, it is really helpful to recreate these sorts of spaces. You can place some leaves, dirt or grass inside the litter tray so your cat can relate it to a space that it is familiar with. 

Choose the litter tray area are wisely

Cats are very demanding and if there is something they do not like they will surely find a way to express it. This is why you have to really think about where to put the tray. It is advised to put it in a place where there isn’t going to be a lot of people coming and going. Choose a place where they will feel safe and will not face many distractions.  

Allow your cat to jump in and out the tray

If the first thing that your cat does is play with the litter, let it happen, it is completely normal for your cat to explore. This is positive since they will develop a pleasant connection with the space. Do not force your pet to stay inside the tray since it could create negative memories that will scare it in the future. 

Encourage your cat

Everytime your cat finishes a meal, wait a little and then take it to the litter box so it can start learning where to potty. Cats are very smart and most times they can learn where to potty if it’s properly shown to them. 

Remember to have a lot of patience, making your stray cat used to new habits can be a tedious process, repetitive and it takes a lot of time. But, we are sure that with this advice you will soon be able to teach your little fellow to use the litter tray correctly. 

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