How to prevent your cat from getting on the tv

How to prevent your cat from getting on the tv

Television can seem like an object of great attention to cats since their eyes can distinguish different colors, especially yellow and green tones.

It is logical to think that television is excellent entertainment for the cat, they can even get on the TV, regardless of its dimensions, since their bodies are designed to be agile, strong, and to maintain balance without problems even in tight spaces. The best option is to embed the TV in the wall, in case your cat decides to jump towards it and avoid damaging himself.

What you need to supervise 

Many owners who work long hours outside the house make the decision to leave the TV on, but the reality is that all those noises that come from places that the cat cannot control create anxiety, which discharges with changes in its behavior.

If your cat is too absorbed in the television and tries to chase an animal that appears on the screen, your cat or your flat screen could get hurt, so avoid images that can attract even more attention (Birds, shapes with a lot of movement, high-pitched sounds etc.). Remember that your cat will try to ‘hunt’ on television as it is his instinct. If that happens, don’t let him watch TV unsupervised.

Follow these steps to prevent your cat from getting on the TV 

Control the space

Kittens love to watch and be curious from above; this makes him feel safe and in control, so it is very possible that your cat is getting on the TV because he seeks this position, sometimes all your cat wants is to have a better view of the environment.

The best way to teach him not to climb is to start as soon as possible, since the kitten has more facility to learn than an adult cat. Therefore, every time you see that he intends to get on you have to say “NO” (firmly but without yelling).

You must also provide an alternative; You can put a high chair, shelves, or get him a scratching tree to enjoy the view. Every time your cat is in the place where you don’t want him to be, move him to the new place and reward him there. Another tip is that you can place an adhesive, aluminum foil on the TV or surface, in general, cats do not like to walk on these textures.

Control your cat’s diet

If your cat is getting on or near the TV, it may be looking for food. This may mean that you are not paying enough attention to their food preferences, on the other hand, your cat may be finding food debris in these spaces.

Never leave food feed available to him during the day. Respect routines. Feed him at two regular times or get him used to just small amounts several times a day. One or the other. Meals must be regulated, and for no reason, there is additional food.

Play with the cat every day

Sometimes cats misbehave out of boredom. So be sure to set aside time to play with him and keep him active and entertained. Take several minutes a day to play with him. Better yet, have specific games for cats at home so that the cat exercises. You can also go for objects that they can hit easily by hanging them from their scratching tree. They are also attracted to noise. Choose toys that tinkle, such as a ball with bells inside. Remember that the best thing for your kitten will always be the company.

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