How to protect my cat from heat

Heat waves, high temperatures, lots of sun … all this is characteristic of summer. We must be very attentive to our kittens, they, like people, suffer the consequences of summer such as heat stroke, nausea, dizziness…

Cats tend to be more vulnerable than people to rising temperatures. And you may wonder why? Cats do not have the facility to eliminate heat like humans. People sweat, but they expel excess heat through their mouths. Therefore, cats take longer to eliminate excess heat and we must pay close attention to them, especially in summer.

How to know if your cat is experiencing heat?

When our cats present any of these factors, it is very likely that he will suffer a heart attack:

-He’s panting regularly.

-He hasn’t had any water recently.

-He has an altered or nervous behavior.

– Look for cool areas (shade, ground …)

– Segregates more saliva than usual.

Do you want to protect your cat from the dangers of summer? Keep reading and discover some tips so that your cat takes the heat much better and does not take any risks

How to prevent the heat of our kittens?


– Acclimatize the space –

Just like we look for cold areas to better withstand the heat, our cats do too. We must keep the areas where our cat is very cool, we can use air conditioners, fans, leave the windows open so that there is current …

In external areas of the house such as patios and balconies we must try to have a shady area.

– Get your bed cool –

Our cats are always looking for the coolest part of the house. However, we must help them. For this, we must place the beds in areas where there are cool currents or, we can moisten towels and put them on the bed itself so that our kitten is divine.

– Control its hydration –

We have to be regularly changing the water in their containers so that it stays cool. It is very important that you never run out of water and less in summer. If you notice that your cat does not drink much, you can include wet food and compensate for its hydration.

– Wet their legs and head –

Not all cats like water, to cool our cats in summer we can moisten the legs and head with water. Also, another option is to moisten a towel and put it on the body.

– Brush and cut the hair –

If our cat has long hair, it is recommended that he visit a hairdresser to reduce the amount of hair and that he can better cope with the summer heat. In the event that our cats have little hair, we must brush them regularly with a firm bristle brush to reduce their body heat.


By following each of these steps we will ensure that our cats are cooler in summer and can cope with the high temperatures to which we are exposed.

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