How to show your cat your affection

Cats are much more independent pets than dogs. But the fact that they do not need constant cuddling and petting from their family does not mean that they do not enjoy it just as much. There are cats that seek out human contact more often and others that only do so on a few occasions. Still, even the most independent cat needs to be shown affection.

For cats, love is shown in small gestures that are learned little by little. Communication between cats and humans is complex, but once we learn how to understand them there are many ways to show affection that both cats and humans can enjoy. Let’s see what they are!

Play with your cat

Like every living being, cats love to interact with humans and other animals and most really enjoy playtime. Spend a few minutes playing with your feline every day so he sees that you love him and care about him.

To receive a more positive response from your cat, take advantage of his more active moments because that is when he will most feel like playing. Do not bother him when he is sleeping and especially not when he is eating or grooming. Learn to respect each moment of your cat’s day and he will thank you with some very fun playtime.

Talk to him

Although they do not answer you when you talk to them, cats really like when humans address them and they often give you a curious look. This makes your pet feel important and tells him that you have not forgotten about him.

Talking to a cat is also excellent therapy for people, because you feel like someone is listening to you and because you can tell him anything you need.

Sleep beside him

You do not have to sleep with your cat in your bed every night, but you can take a nap with him on the couch once in a while. This vulnerable moment will make naps much more enjoyable if you have them together. Your cat will feel safer and you can also reap the many benefits associated with sleeping with a pet.

Respect his privacy

Regardless of how affectionate a cat may be, especially those that need to spend the majority of their time with humans, they all have times they need to be alone.

You will have noticed that your cat occasionally disappears and goes to a withdrawn place to rest. Respecting these private moments is how you show that you know your cat well and that you love him. When he feels like being with you again, he will be much more affectionate and ask for your attention. Just wait and see!

Reward him

Watching your cat’s daily diet is very important for his health, but giving him a little treat once in a while will make him love you more.

Cat treats tend to drive all felines crazy and are an excellent way to show them that you love them by knowing their tastes and thinking of them from time to time. Your relationship with your cat is just like any other: you have to work on it each day!


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