How to socialize a cat

If you are thinking of introducing a new kitten to your home, it is very important that you pay special attention to socialization.

What is socializing a cat? How can we socialize them? In this article we are going to explain what we mean when we talk about socializing a cat and some keys to make this process a success.


  • What is socializing a cat?

When we talk about socializing we refer to the process that must be followed so that the cat is comfortable in its new family and trusts us.

It is very important that before adopting a kitten we take into account all the needs it will have and in case of having other pets at home, dogs or other cats, know how to introduce them.


  • Why is socialization of cats so important?

Socializing a cat is very important to avoid problems in the future. The sooner you start socializing a kitten, the better it will be.

It is an important process to teach the cat how it should behave at home, with guests or other pets. If we carry out this process correctly we will avoid behaviors in the future such as:

  1. Biting strangers
  2. Not using the litter box correctly
  3. Having a scary cat with the noises of the house, children or guests
  4. Scratching on furniture

If we execute this socialization correctly we can have a better coexistence with the kitten.


  • How to socialize a kitten

To socialize a kitten we will have to look first at the life he has had. What do we mean by this? It is not the same to socialize a baby kitten as an adult cat that may have had a complicated past with other people or animals.

In addition, the period they have been with their mother is essential. If these kittens have seen their mother being trusting and loving around people, they will most likely copy this behavior.

Once we take this point into account, what should we do when a kitten comes home?


  • Space for the cat

As we explained in other blogs, as soon as you get home it is very good to define an exclusive space for the cat where it feels comfortable and protected. Do not leave the whole house to him and take into account the possible dangers that may be in that space.


  • First approaches

It is very important not to force the kitten and that it is he who decides whether or not to approach. Some keys in order to make this approach a success is to get at the same height either lying down or sitting on the floor. This way the cat will not see us as a threat.

In addition, we must approach the cat not directly but by making a small detour. You can talk to the kitten in a soft and relaxed way and in case the kitten wants to leave, we should not block the exit.

Another tip is to leave our clothes for the kitten to identify the smell.


  • Games

Once the kitten has taken the first step, it is highly recommended to play with him. The game allows to reinforce ties with the cat and, in addition, the game within the daily routine of the cats is essential.


  • Positive reinforcement

We can teach the kitten things with great patience such as the use of the litter box. If he does something we do not want, do not yell or get upset, just say the word NO and walk away.


We hope this article has been interesting and if you want further information about kittens, do not hesitate to visit our blog.

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