Ideas to prepare the house for cats

If you have a cat at home or are thinking of increasing your family with one, you are probably wondering what the basic needs of felines are and what you can do to adapt your home to their needs and comfort. Well, in this article we are going to explain some ideas to prepare the house for cats and why it is so important.

Before starting we recommend that you visit some of our blogs such as what you need before adopting a cat. Once you have these points covered it is time to think about the preparation of the house.


Prepare the house for cats. What is it?

Prepare the house for cats is simply conditioning a house for the cat needs.

If you have never had pets or have had dogs, it is important that you bear in mind that the needs of felines are various and very different from dogs.

Prepare the house for cats is to put certain furniture and places conditioned for the use and enjoyment of cats.


What we must take into account to prepare the house for cats?

To prepare a house we must take into account the way that cats see the rooms of a house. The felines divide the house into sections that can be differentiated as follows:

  • Eating area
  • Bathroom / hygiene area
  • Play area and sleep


As is understandable, cats, due to their extreme hygiene, need a differentiated space for each of these functions, and since gathering is a rest and play area, we must gather the house in this area.


Best areas to adapt for cats

As we have been saying, the best area to gather will always be the spaces in which we spend most of the day. Why? Cats love it when our scent mixes with theirs and spending time in the same space as us.

For this reason, some of the best areas to gather a house are: the bedroom or the living room.


Easy ideas to prepare the house for cats

Prepare the house is not complicated nor does it involve a great economic effort, it all depends on the space you have and the needs of your cat.


What should a house have?

  • Scratching post

Having different types of scratchers is essential for cats since for them this moment of sharpening their nails also helps them to mark territory, stretch their back and relax.

You should have several scratchers of the type that your kitty likes the most.

  • High places

If you have space you can put shelves specially designed for cats or use DIY.

One of the greatest passions of cats is climbing and being in the highest possible place in the house so if you have these places equipped for your cat and the occasional rope or pole to climb your cat will be very happy and satisfied.

  • Closed spaces

Another point to take into account are closed spaces. You should have an igloo-type bed or a piece of furniture that they can get into and feel protected.

  • Protected doors and windows

It is essential to take this point into account for the safety of the kittens. It is very important to cover balconies, windows and others with some protective mesh to avoid falls or accidents.


As you can see, this process does not involve too much effort and you can condition it to your liking with more or fewer components, it all depends on your options and space.

On top of all this, remember to spend quality time with your kitty and play with it a lot.

If you want more information, curiosities or advice about cats, do not hesitate to visit our blog.


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