The importance of scrapers for cats

One of the most important accessories for a home-loving cat is the scraper. We, the felines that do not have at hand any surface in which we can sharpen our nails, we tend to look for other alternatives, ending up destroying furniture and fabrics.

From the first months of life of a kitten, it is necessary to teach him/her to use the scraper, since it is more than a toy. This accessory is a way to keep our nails more taken care of, and to release stress while we keep fit.

Uses of the scraper for cats



Some types of scrapers are highly entertaining. They include play areas where cats can scratch, climb, nose around, and even play with ropes, balls and many other items.

Physical exercise

When sharpening the nails, cats do stretches that are beneficial to their joints. Thanks to the scraper, we can release tension and energy, really necessary for small kittens which are the most active ones, but also for adult cats that begin to have movement problems.

Nail care

The best-known benefit of the scraper for cats is the care of the nails. Our nails grow faster than human nails, and we have to file them, so they do not bother us when walking. Thanks to the rough surface of the scraper, it is easier to keep them healthy and well taken care of.


Did you notice that your cat usually rubs its head against the scraper? It is a way of marking it as his/hers, considering it a personal object where he/she will always find shelter and protection when he/she is more stressed.


How to choose the scraper for my cat

Each cat has its own preferences when using the scraper. Choose the type of scraper that best suits your home and also your cat.

If you have enough space at home, take the opportunity to place a large scraper with plenty of surface that your pet can use.

If, on the other hand, you have a smaller house, it will be enough for you to leave a pair of scrapers in strategic places at your cat’s disposal, where your pet spends more time, and of course, with the right size. At least, your cat should be able to fully stretch his/her body to take a comfortable position while filing his/her nails.

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