Interpreting your cat’s body language. What are your cat’s gestures telling you?

Understanding your cat’s body language is the best way to know how it’s feeling and be able to communicate with your kitty as should be. Although it’s true that you often feel you understand your cat perfectly well, you may have sometime come across an unexpected reaction or you may have misinterpreted its attitude

That’s why we are going to explain their body language.

The first thing you should know is that the cats communicate with one another by means of their body postures and gestures, in other words, by their body language.


Cat’s body language


If you ever see your cat sitting still, with its ears straight up but relaxed, it’s likely that it’s feeling comfortably at ease with the situation in its surroundings.

The same thing applies if you see your cat lying down with its paws tucked under its body or lying on its side.

And besides if your cat also has its eyes halfway shut or is even winking at you, then it’s blissfully happy!

One bit of advice: So take advantage of that moment then to wink back at your kitty or pet it, because those are signs of affection for your cat, and it will most likely start purring.



On the other hand, emotions such as anger or fear are easier to recognize. When your cat is angry, it’s easy to tell by:

  • Their stiff posture and their tail standing straight up
  • Ears flattened back
  • Whiskers bristling and hair standing on end

Even all this cat gestures, they can also be growling, hissing or even spitting.

You must understand that they may be feeling threated right then, and what they are trying to do is scare away what’s bothering them.

So, the best thing to do is to leave the cat alone and wait.



When they are afraid, the posture is less threatening. Their ears will be flattened back, and they may take off running or crouch down in place.

They also usually arch their back to look bigger to frighten off any threats. Tail will be tucked between the legs and will be moving from side to side, they keeping a wide-eyed stare.

Just as when dealing with anger, it is important that there not be any sudden movements or noises around them just then. If you can get rid of whatever’s frightening the cat so, all the better. And remember that the best thing to do is to leave them.

But, as always, every storm is followed by a rainbow. Once the threat no longer exists, the cat will be feeling quite relieved.


Usually stretches its body to rid itself of tensions. Their eyes, ears, whiskers and tail will relax, and they may even yawn or start grooming themselves. Then you’ll know that the cat is back to normal and is once again as cute and loving as always.


This is a small summary of the most common expressions and gestures that cats can express. Even so, in our blog we go into more details about cat care, what certain attitudes mean like wagging the tail … etc.

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