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Is it good to have cats and newborn babies?

Yes, cats are a wonderful companion, as pets they provide love, stability and joy to their owners, but what happens when a baby comes home? In this article we will offer you the answers you are looking for if this is your case and you are wondering if it is good to have cats and newborn babies in the same home. 

Can the newborn baby have a cat nearby? 

This question has been asked by all people who are about to have children and who also have a cat as a pet at home. Part of this question comes from fear that the coexistence between the two is dangerous or unfavorable. 

The reality is that far from being a danger, the bond between cats and kids is even beneficial for your little one and their health.

Health Benefits of Newborn Babies 

Recent studies have shown that having cats and newborn babies in the home can be beneficial to the health of the kids. Researchers discovered that children who grew up with cats had a lower risk of developing allergies, asthma, and obesity at an early age. 

This is due to the fact that cats have a bacteria called Mycoplasma, which is beneficial to health. Additionally, cats can help newborn babies stimulate their development and imagination by allowing them to play with their paws and tails.

How to prepare your cat for the arrival of your baby? 

Cats are creatures of habit, experiencing sudden changes in their routine and environment. It can generate stress and confusion reactions, so it is important to understand your cat’s behavior and consider these recommendations so that your pet adapts to the new family member.

  • Adapt a specific space for the cat: where he has no access without your supervision, some cats are very nervous and their defensive action is to hide. 
  • Locate a new place for its litter box and its food and water plates: Do this if they are located in spaces that are not so convenient. Doing it in advance will allow your cat to adjust to this change. 
  • Make sure your cat has its vaccines: this to avoid any health mishap for your baby. 
  • Place crying baby noises: first at a lower volume so that your cat can understand that there will be new noises in the house and not generate stress. 
  • Present the new smell to the cat: When your baby is already born, take your cat to some of your baby’s clothes so that he can smell it and get used to the smell, which will make the cat feel it habitual.

Can cats spread illnesses to babies? 

There are very few illnesses that cats can transmit to humans and if they do it is because the necessary measures have not been taken by the owners to keep their pets in good health. 

To prevent this from happening, the most important thing to do now that you have a new family member is to keep your cat clean, vaccinated, perfectly dewormed and away from other cats to avoid the spread of diseases.

Is it true that cats suck the breath of a baby? 

The most known myth by all is that cats suck the breath of babies, making them have asphyxia problems, however, this is completely false. 

Cats somehow look for warmth and sometimes they place themselves on the baby’s head, which can make the cat’s body block the respiratory passages. 

To avoid this, you can get a cloth or a net to cover the baby’s crib and thus prevent the cat from sleeping with him.

Advice for introducing your baby to your cat 

Now that the newborn baby is home, consider the following: 

  • Supervise the interactions between your cat and your baby, some actions of your pet can cause an accident such as scratching the baby without intention.
  • Do not scold your cat when it approaches your baby, what is intended is that your cat considers the baby something positive and not something negative.
  • Give quality time to your cat, remember that they are sociable and affectionate animals, they also require your attention. 
  • Respect your cat’s period of adaptation, having a baby in the family implies great changes for your little cat, give it space to understand and feel in love with your baby.

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