Would you know how to give your cat first-aid?

Would you know how to give your cat first-aid?

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The fact that we spend most of our time in the house doesn’t mean that we’re not liable to have an accident, and being cats as we are, we need your help to recover as soon as possible if we hurt ourselves. So, would you know how to give your cat first-aid?

Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to become surgeons or anything of the sort. What we will indeed be needing is for you to keep calm and always be aware of the fact that we’re animals and so won’t be able to express ourselves the way you need us to, so muster all your patience and pay special attention to our little bodies.

The most common thing is for our accidents involve impact injuries, injuries from fighting with other cats or pets in the home and choking on trying to eat some foreign object.

Most of our impact injuries are the result of falling from places up too high. What you usually refer to as the “flying cat syndrome” and it’s just that we love to poke around to see what’s in every nook and cranny in the house, no matter how high up or hidden away they may be, so taking big leaps in often inevitable.

Every time we fall on the floor, we usually touch down with our hind legs first and then our front legs, but if we fall quite hard, there’s just no getting around winding up whopping ourselves on the jaw. In other words, if we take a bad fall and break a bone, it will surely be one of these parts of our little bodies. In these cases, remember that the pain will not allow us to let you touch us as trustingly as we have you used to, so do so only when we’re calm and immobilize the leg or jaw in the direction in which you find it. Never try to set our bones yourselves and, once we’re immobilized, take us to the nearest veterinarian.

For open wounds, clean the area of any blood and little hairs and let the specialist be the one to take charge of treating the wound in greater depth and tell you how to continue treating it afterward.

Lastly, we’re quite prone to putting everything we find into our mouths, so if you notice us losing our appetite or trying to throw up every now and again without coughing up anything, it’s that we’ve swallowed something we shouldn’t have. No matter how convinced you are of seeing the object in question in our throat, never try to remove it on your own. Take us to the veterinarian right away for an emergency visit to have our respiratory tract cleared and have us back to acting like we always do… and try not to leave anything that can hurt us lying around within our reach.


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