Maine coon, the world’s largest domestic cat breed

At an average weight of 9 kg, the Maine coon is one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world.¡ While a few years ago it was a very rare breed, more and more households decide to adopt this kind of cat given how sociable and affectionate this breed usually is.

These majestic cats have a large body and long fur that makes them look even bigger than they really are. When you see a Maine coon in person it is sure to leave you in awe, but they’re not the only characteristics that will shock you.

Find out the most curious characteristics of the Maine coon breed, from its origin to the special care these huge cats require. Discover them all!

Curiosities of the Maine coon breed


The Maine coon, like many other cat breeds today, originated in the United States. The difference is that there is no exact theory that tells us exactly where these large cats come from.

Some believe that it was the Vikings who brought their own wild cats to America by boat, which then mixed with the American cats to develop an intermediate breed, half domestic cat and wild cat. These cats were taken back to Europe several centuries later thanks to Captain Charles Coon, which is the origin of the current name by which they are known throughout the world.

Size and weight

Maine coon cats attract a lot of attention because males usually weigh between 7 and 11 kg. The slightly smaller females also have a considerable size, weighing up to 9 kg.

They are considerably taller and larger than the usual breeds, with an average life span of between 9 to 15 years.


The Maine coon usually makes quite an impression the first time you see one of them. However, they are very calm and affectionate cats, ideal to have in a house with children and other pets.

The kittens are very playful, but as they get older, they become a bit lazier. In winter when they tend to sleep a lot more, but in summer they love to cool off by taking a dip, because they love water!


The fur of this cat is long and silky, like the Angora cat. This allows them to withstand colder temperatures in winter. Their tails are very long and have a lot of fur, which in winter is great for them to wrap around their body and use them as a blanket.

To keep their fur from getting tangled, Maine coon cats need to have their fur washed from time to time with a conditioner and brushed frequently. It’s an activity they love, and I’m sure they’ll be thrilled if you brush them.


Another characteristic to keep in mind is that they are cats that tend to eat a lot and can be overweight.

This breed is genetically prepared to withstand low temperatures, so their body tends to accumulate energy in the form of fat. If you have a Maine coon and you want to prevent your pet from getting too fat, make sure to feed it a healthy diet, and encourage it to exercise every day.

The Maine coon is a cat that hardly needs any special care at home, but it gives a lot of company to all the members of the family. At Sepicat we are lovers of all cat breeds, but without a doubt this is one of our favourites.

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