What makes cats eat grass?

Surely you have wondered more than once what’s the matter with your cats, dear cat owners, when you see them wandering around eating grass all the time, as if they were cows  grazing! Well, no, we’re not cows, but we have our reasons for eating our fill of green, and today I’m going to take care of explaining some of the reasons to you. Listen up a bit and you’ll get an insight into what it is that makes cats eat grass.

The prime reason is that grass is highly nutritional. In fact, we try to get an extra serving of vitamins, more specifically of folic acid. Folic acid, which we don’t produce on our own, is found in plants, so we have to get it from the plants we eat.

As a rule, with a well-balanced diet, we’ll have everything we need to be well-fed supercats. Nevertheless, sometimes, we may have some sort of shortage, and we make up for it by eating grass which gives us an extra serving of folic acid.

But, hey, that’s not the only reason why you may find us nibbling on plants. Let me explain, if I may.

The truth be known, another of the major, very serious reasons why we cats eat grass is for digestive purposes. More specifically, this has to do with keeping our bowels regular. You’re already aware of the fact that we swallow a lot of things we can’t digest: bones, hair, feathers…. So, there is a type of grass that has laxative properties for us, so eating it helps us keep our bowels clean and healthy.

On the other hand, we may also eat green whenever something hasn’t set well with us. Yes, we use grass as a sort of purgative. We don’t have enzymes capable of digesting plants, so eating plants makes us throw up, and that helps us keeping our stomachs nice and clean.

Don’t worry about what type of grass we eat. When we go outdoors, we know which grass is what we need. But please do make certain not to put any pesticides or other chemicals on the plants within our reach or you could poison us.

If you live in an apartment without access to an outdoor area, you can buy cat grass at your veterinarian’s or at large department stores.



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