Is a microchip ID obligatory for your cat?

Finding a cat after she gets lost can be very difficult if she is not wearing an ID tag on her collar. This is why microchipping is a very safe system that allows us to locate our cats at all times, although not all cats have been microchipped yet.

Use of the microchip ID system has spread around the world in recent years not only in cats, but also in other pets. Microchipping is even obligatory in many countries.

What about in Europe? Are cats required to carry a microchip? When is a microchip recommended and how does it benefit us? Let’s look at all this information for cats step by step.

What is a microchip ID?

A microchip is a small capsule the size of a grain of rice that is inserted under the skin on the back of the neck. It is a very quick procedure that we barely notice because it hurts no more than a vaccine.

This capsule is only inserted once and then we have it forever. It has all the information on the cat or animal wearing it, such as our address and our family’s telephone number. All of this is recorded in the pet census.

What benefits does the microchip have?

Thanks to the use of the microchip, we cats are more protected if we get lost. Since not all of us like to wear ID tags with our information on a collar, if we are found outside our family can be found using the microchip.

When a cat wearing a microchip is lost outside, if someone finds him they can take him to a veterinarian’s office. There, a special device can be used to read the ID data and find the family for the cat’s speedy return home. It’s that easy!

Is microchipping obligatory?

Microchipping cats is not obligatory like it is for dogs, although the law is being expanded little by little. There are certain areas where microchipping pets is not obligatory, although doing so is highly recommended.

In those regions that do require microchipping, cats three months old and up should be given one.

How much does the microchip for cats cost?

Protecting your cat is very easy and cheap. The price of the microchip ranges from €30 to €50, according to the veterinarian’s office, although outreach campaigns are currently under way so that we can all get protected. These campaigns provide the opportunity of inserting the microchip for as little as €18, much like cat neutering campaigns.

Inserting the microchip so all your cat’s information is permanently available is very easy and you will be grateful you did it if your kitty ever gets lost outside. Whoever finds your cat can take her to the nearest vet and quickly contact you so you can pick him up. This saves you the worry of being without your beloved pet and saves us cats the unnecessary dangers of being alone outside.


Veterinarian injecting a microchip ID in a cat

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