My cat likes heights – High rise syndrome

Undoubtedly cats have many skills, one of them is climbing to very high spots. Today there isn’t an accurate explanation of why these felines love heights. In fact, there is a syndrome called high rise syndrome that can cause serious health issues. 

But don’t stress, not all heights are bad and it is actually positive that your cat seeks high spots. There are various reasons why our felines love heights, this is why here is Sepicat we will tell you some of the reasons why our little fellas love to be in high places. 


Cats are entertained in high places since they love attention. This is why they frequently seek spots to be able to see what is happening around them. 

Warm places

Sprung ends to let winter come in and our pets are looking for warmer places that help them maintain their body temperature. They climb to the highest spots in the house where heat is stored. 


The first thing you will need to know is that cats feel safe in high places. After all, they are predators, so they feel better when they can monitor what is going on. Also, they look for places where they can observe and surprise their prey. We are sure that on many occasions your cat has come home with one of their captures. 


You and I know that cats are dominant and sometimes it may even seem that they own us because they command the territory. In the animal kingdom height represents dominion and power over others, so if at home you have one cat that is always above the others, he or she may probably have more authority than the rest. 


We should pay a lot of attention to this. If your cat immediately runs to high places when it listens or senses something, you must do your best to stop them. This behavior is their way to respond to a situation that is making them uncomfortable.

Better rest

Cats are more active at night, this is why they spend a lot of time sleeping during the day. To avoid noise and the hassle of human presence during the day time, they prefer the comfort of silence in high places so they can deeply rest. 


If you own an older cat, most likely they are looking for a place to be left alone for more peace and quiet. They are looking to avoid conflict with other pets and even our own cuddles. 

It is natural for cats to look for heights, it is part of their behaviors and this is why it is very important that inside our house  we build areas that have the proper height for them to play and explore. Inside our homes it is advised we put shelves of different sizes and heights, which will help our kitties to climb. Another idea is placing a hanging bed when your cat can be comfortable. 

Now that you know why cats climb to high places it is time for you to buy or build some toys so they feel more comfortable inside your house. Let us know in the comments which are the most unusual places you have found your cat. 

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