Neutering and weight increase in cats

It is increasingly frequent now for cat owners to decide and neuter their pets, due to security reasons and as a control measure against cat birth rate, regardless of the pets being inside the house or when they have contact with the outside.

A normal fear of many people is for their pet to gain weight once it is neutered. Weight increase at this stage is due to all changes us cats go through during this stage, but there are always different options to prevent and control said changes. Find out how!

Do cats increase weight after being neutered?

Neutering and weight increase in cats are not things that always go hand in hand. There are cats which gain a considerable amount of weight after being neutered while others barely undergo any physical changes.

There are many factors which can have an influence over the weight of a cat, so it would be wrong to say that neutering is the main consequence for feline obesity.

Hormonal changes after feline neutering

Factors associated to the animal weight gain are food, physical activity, environment and hormonal changes of course. After neutering us female as well as male cats go through a hormonal imbalance that can cause weight increase.

The lower production of sex hormones is accompanied by an increase in appetite as well as the accumulation of fat as an energy reserve. It is more common for us to increase weight if this is added to a change in the animal physical habits, because with age we become more relaxed and lazy, leading even to obesity problems.

Prevent weight increase in neutered cats

Veterinaries recommend the control of the amount and quality of the food we provide pets after neutering. Particularly in the beginning it becomes necessary to prevent weight increase in cats supplying food in a controlled manner and encouraging the practice of physical exercise through games and activities.

There is special food for neutered cats that are greatly helpful when providing the necessary nutrients and perfect amount of calories in this stage of the feline, thus avoiding obesity from turning into a health issue.

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