How to search for a lost cat

What can I do if my cat is lost? This is a question all you humans ask when you have to look for your missing cat, but it never hurts to know what steps to take, among the other ways you care for your cat, so you are prepared even before the situation arises.

We cats are curious animals and occasionally we sneak off. The problem is when we cannot find the way back home. When your cat is missing you must remain calm and take the proper course of action to find them as soon as possible.

Look thoroughly throughout your house

It might be that you think your cat went missing when he went outside, but really he is taking a quiet nap in his favourite hiding place. Before you panic, try looking throughout your house. Call him, offer him his favourite food and wait and see if he comes out. It usually works with me!

Look around outside your home

If your cat is not in your house, he might have gotten out by mistake and is nearby, waiting to come back in. Check the door to your home, outside and in the immediate surroundings to see if he is still nearby. House cats do not tend to venture very far away because we do not feel safe outside our normal environment.

Ask your neighbours

Although we cats have a very good sense of direction, we can sometimes go to the wrong house and accidentally enter a neighbour’s home. If you do not find your cat and you think he might be at your neighbour’s house, ask them one by one and let them know he is missing. This way they can call you if they find him.

Make posters

When your cat does not appear in the nearby vicinity, it is time to take the next step: make posters and post them around the area. Notifying all your neighbours is not possible if you live in a big city, so posters are the best way to let everyone know that they should contact you if they see your lost cat.

The poster should include a photo of your cat, his description and any peculiar characteristics that distinguish him from other cats. If necessary, include information on any care your cat needs, especially if he is sick or urgently needs to receive medication.

You do not need to offer a reward for getting your pet back because if your neighbours see her they will surely be glad to contact you at the telephone number on the poster.

Share on social networks

Do not forget to share the same information on all the social networks you can. That way you will reach many more people and they will be more likely to let you know if they see your pet.

Keep looking at night

If you want to go out and look for your cat because you are too worried, try to do so at night instead of during the day. Things are quieter at night and we cats feel safer coming out of our hiding places and trying to find our way home without crossing paths with too many pedestrians and cars. It is the perfect time to find us!


Lost cat on the streets

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