Sebas adores SepicatLightweight Ultra Fresh

Lightweight clumping cat litter comprised of totally superabsorbent, fine natural clay granules which are forty-percent lighter in weight that the conventional clumping bentonites… But what I really love about the Lightweight Ultra Fresh cat litter is its subtle touch of fragrance. It drives me meowild!

I know, I know, it’s very lightweight and easy to handle for humans. Totally effortless for keeping our litterbox as should be, achieving major savings, given that this litter provides excellent clumpability, and the 12-liter container lasts more than 50 days. But, what about that little talcum powder fragrance it gives off when moistened? I’d spend all day long sitting there if it weren’t for the fact that it’s the toilet;)

Besides, the Sepicat Lightweight Ultra Fresh cat litter is respectful of the Environment according to the study conducted by PWC-Ecobilan, which makes it score even higher on my list of the advantages of the Sepicat products.

You’re not familiar with it yet? Well, you don’t know what you’re missing out on and the pleasure you are denying your dear feline friends. Besides, its super-easy to use, and its light weight will help to keep your kitty’s litterbox always clean and fresh.

To get the most out of Sepicat Lightweight Ultra Fresh, all you have to do it put a layer of some 5-7 cm into the litterbox, and when your cat uses the litterbox, the litter will form compact clumps, trapping the organic waste and bad odors inside. When you scoop out the excrements and add a little more Sepicat Lightweight Ultra Fresh to the litterbox, you cat will have their own private toilet spotlessly clean once again.

You just can’t wait to try it, can you? Now you can locate the store nearest you from right here!

Take Sebas’ word for it, as an expert in enjoying Sepicat products, you won’t’ regret it … and you’ll be chalking up some major points in your cat’s opinion of you. Meow!


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