Sebas recommends Sepicat Lightweight Extreme Fresh

Meow! Sepicat is making Lightweight Extreme Fresh available to our owners! Sure, you’re not a cat, so you can’t be as excited as I am! But my feline friends and I find this news most refreshing, because this is the latest addition to the lightweight clumping cat litter product range.

We pussycats are very neat animals, so being clean and tidy is crucial to keeping us contented. Fortunately, our owners usually prefer that our litterbox not smell bad and that it be conveniently manageable. Sepicat Lightweight Extreme Fresh fills the bill!

The first thing you have to know, if you have a kitty in your home, is that this is the ideal litter for kitty cats with sensitive footpads. It’s just like the way you humans would feel if you could stroll barefoot along a sandy beach. Purrrrrrr! Feels so good!

My owners have my kitty litter delivered in 8-liter containers, so it lasts 45 days, for a medium-sized 5-kilo cat.

Lightweight Extreme Fresh is a cat litter that gives you premium clumpability, which we find really nice; and it gives off a really fresh fragrance and smells like Baby powder when moistened.

By the way, most of us cats are big on ecology, and we’d like you to know that we support brands like Sepicat providing us with this cat litter that is an environmentally-responsible product according to a study conducted by PWC-Ecobilan.

Those of you who are responsible for kitties will be glad to know that this latest addition to the lightweight clumping cat litter product range combines awesome efficiency with a fantastically minimal amount of litter being needed to get the job done. This will enable you to keep us comfy and well cared for while you pay less.

Besides, Sepicat Lightweight Extreme Fresh is made up of 100% natural, superabsorbent clay micro-granules 40% lighter in weight than conventional clumping bentonites, which makes for an easier-to-handle and easier-to-use product.

So now you know, if you want your cat purring from contentment, Sepicat Lightweight Extreme Fresh is the cat litter your cat’s hoping for.


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