The strange habits of cats

Whoever has had the luck to live with any of us will know that we have some strange habits. Yes, in addition to being territorial, cats have many habits that define our behaviour. As a general rule, our extravagant behaviours don’t affect you at all, but it won’t hurt you to be aware of them.


We don’t like to be ignored

Although cats are very independent animals, we love that you pay attention to us on demand. In fact, most of our antics are merely attempts to call your attention.

Maybe you’ll get a little crazy that we throw your things to the ground but, if you look closely, you will realize that the only thing we seek with that attitude is your love. Don’t bother to put things back in their place. Pet us and give us a little love first and then put your things away. It will be the only way for us to leave them alone.


We love boxes and small, closed spaces

NO matter how many toys you give us, you will see that we pay more attention to the boxes in which you bring them. You might think that we are ungrateful, but nothing is further from the truth.

The fact that we love being inside boxes, drawers or any other small and difficult to access site is nothing more than a search for safety and comfort. Inside these ridiculously small spaces we feel safe and, fortunately, we quickly get heat up inside them. Don’t worry about it. We love the boxes period.


The pleasure of purring

We learn to purr just a few days after birth. According to the experts, we do it to indicate to our mother that we are well. I don’t know, I like to purr just for the fun of it, I don’t need a specific reason to do it, but come on, we will listen to the specialists.

It has also been shown that purring is a sign of happiness towards our humans. We purr when you pet us and when you feed us, as if we are thanking you and it was not your duty.

Be that as it may, the truth is that we like to purr and you must get used to our little noises.


Kneading, that great obsession

When we are infants, we knead our mother’s womb so that the flow of milk is constant and abundant. When we become adults, we repeat this behaviour. Because, as they say, it comforts us. I sincerely think that I do it as a reflex act. Humans feed me and I knead your things and even yourselves so that the flow of food does not stop. But you can believe whatever you want.

Another truth is that my paws are full of scent glands and I’m just leaving my pheromones on all your cushions, pillows, towels and other clothes. I love it! 😉


Humans, these are my most striking manias. Do you dare to reveal those of your feline friends? I’m sure they won’t mind.


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