How to take your cat to the veterinarian

Having to get in the carrier is a real odyssey for many cats, but if on top of that it is to go see the veterinarian, our stress level goes sky high and we can become very grumpy and even aggressive.

Regularly visiting the veterinarian is very important for properly caring for a cat, but if we cats have a really hard time while outside, the visit itself can be detrimental to our health. This is why there are some tricks for taking a cat to the vet so she is calm and as stress-free as possible.

If you also have to visit the vet soon, these are the cat care steps you can take to ease the tension.

Cat care when visiting the veterinarian

Make your cat comfortable in her carrier, or at least be sure she is familiar with it, so she does not have such a rough time when going to the veterinarian’s office. Routinely leave the carrier in a place where your cat can see it or even sleep or play inside. At least put the carrier within her reach a few days before the appointment.

Place some of her favourite toys, her blanket or a treat she likes inside the carrier. You will see that with this trick she is not so afraid of the carrier.

On the day of the appointment and at least 30 minutes before she has to get in, dust the inside of the carrier with cat hormones, which relax cats so much. These hormones really get our attention and we are always intrigued by these sprays because they remind us of the natural scent of our mother.

Once your cat is in the carrier and the most stressful moment has passed, keep her relaxed during the trip to see the veterinarian. Do not forget to put the safety belt around the carrier if you go by car and to place a blanket over the carrier to minimize noise and stimuli from outside that tend to scare us and stress us out.

Once at the veterinarian’s office, do not take your cat out while in the waiting room. Wait a bit until it is her turn and you are in the examination room. If possible, it is best to perform the check-up inside the carrier. Talking softly to your pet really helps calm her, as does giving her a treat or distracting her with a toy while the veterinarian performs the check-up.

If you need to take your cat out of her carrier for a more thorough check-up, do so calmly, slowly and give her time to investigate and feel safe in this new place. The veterinarian will tell you what to do during the appointment, but no one knows your cat’s personality better than you and she will feel safest with you.

Returning home after taking a cat to the veterinarian is the best thing in the world. Follow the same tips for making the trip home, and once there leave the carrier open in a familiar place so she comes out feeling safe and calm. Something all cats appreciate after having experienced a stressful visit to the doctor is being given time to feel at home again.

Cat inside a pink carrier

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