The 8 most affectionate cat breeds

The 8 most affectionate cat breeds

When we think about cats, most of us see them as loyal companions and playful pets. But, some people view them as grumpy or irritable and not necessarily the most affectionate of animals.

Yes there are many cats who are more on the ill-tempered side, but there are many more that can break the stereotype. Every feline is unique and different and there are a variety of breeds that are distinguished for their loving behaviour. We are sure that at least in one of the breeds presented in this list you will find an amazing cuddling partner that will want to be with you 24/7.

  • Abyssinian
  • Birman
  • Ragdoll
  • Bengali
  • Siberian
  • Burmese
  • Bombay
  • Munchkin



If you are looking for a playful buddy, the Abyssinian cat may be your best choice. They really like  to play with their owners and, unlike other breeds, love to be pet and brushed regularly. Don’t forget to consider that due to their sociable personality they will demand for you to spend several hours with them, otherwise they will be really unhappy.

Another unique characteristic is that they also love the company of other pets such as dogs. If you have other animals at home an Abyssinian cat will be the perfect addition to your family. Remember that this breed is really active so it is recommended to have open spaces so they can run, ideally trees should be around so they can climb them.



This cute and furry cat has been raised for many years as a company animal, due to this they are very used to human presence and actually enjoy it very much. If you have small kids at home we really recommend a Birman cat since they are great with children.

They are regularly known as “cats in a dog’s body”, and they have earned the title because of their affectionate personality. They aren’t as active as other breeds, so they are ideal for apartments. They are very territorial, but in no way aggressive.



Their long and muscular body makes them have an imposing appearance, but don’t let yourself be fooled by a first impression, the ragdoll is one of the most docile breeds. They tend to present behaviours that aren’t particularly cat-like, such as greeting their owners at the door when they arrive home, just as dogs do.

Being one of the calmest domestic breeds, this cat is very patient with kids. His fur is very high maintenance, but he will let you brush it for as long as you want.



The Bengali cat is the king of socializing, he has the great capacity of being around various cats and getting along with all of them. They are really homey and enjoy long strolls with their owners.



The Siberian is one the smartest cats out there, they are also extremely affectionate and communicative. In spite of their great temper, they require constant alone time. They are a great option if you are looking for a loving yet independent pet.



A Burma cat needs human affection in order to be happy, so with their incredible intelligence they will find a way to engage in your daily activities. They are really loyal, so much that they are called “cat-dogs”.



They Bombay cat deeply enjoys the company of family and profoundly hates solitude, even so that if they spend the majority of the time alone they can suffer from anxiety. The communication owner-cat has to be really kind, with a sweet and calm tone of voice.



These buddies have gained a lot of internet popularity in the last few years due to their cute short legs. In addition to their adorable physique, their personality has made more and more people fall in love with them.

The Munchkin cats have been used to human interaction since their origins, that’s why they are ideal for any kind of family, especially the ones with young children.


Although it is true that choosing the best cat for your family is very important, remember that you don’t need to buy from a fancy breeder in order to take an affectionate cat home. Mixed-breed cats can also be very loving and for sure they will be very appreciative of your company. Remember that pets are always a reflection of their owners, treat them with love and fondness and you’ll create an unbreakable bond.

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