The importance of including wet food in your cat’s diet

The importance of including wet food in your cat’s diet

Do you know the importance of wet food for cats? In this article we clear up all the doubts that may arise about whether or not to give wet food to your cat.

Surely you think that, to a cat, like other pets, just giving it its dry food is enough. It is true that the dry cat’s food is already formulated to provide the kitten with all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong, but the supplement with the wet food is essential.

Like everything, you have to give it both, but in the right measure.

Dry food:

Dry feed is a complete food that provides nutrients to the kitten and prevents feline overweight.

In addition, this food forces the cat to chew which allows it to exercise its jaw and this same movement helps its teeth stay cleaner and free of tartar.


Wet food:

Cats are active and agile animals, so their water intake should be proportional to the exercise they do to stay well hydrated.

Although the reality is that not all cats drink as much water as they should, for this reason the incorporation of the wet food is key to their health.

This type of food has a higher percentage of water than dry feed so it is an indirect way to make your cat drink and with an unbeatable flavor.

Introducing this wet food into their diet will prevent diseases and take care of the kidneys of our feline.

Suffering from kidneys is not a rarity in cats due to this lack of water that makes them work.

It is important to keep in mind that we should not abuse the wet food, since, although it is a food that they will love to eat, it is also much more caloric than dry feed, so we can promote overweight.

In general, wet food is usually given once a week, but we recommend that you visit your trusted veterinarian to indicate the ideal amounts in each case.

Like everything, it is important not to abuse it since the cat, if given too much wet food, being tastier than dry, may reject the feed.

To avoid this, a good idea is to use different feeders, one for dry feed and another for wet and above all, do not give it a can every day or your cat will wait for that moment and will reject the dry feed the rest of the day.


As you can see, the union of dry and wet feed is the best option for kittens due to the different benefits that each one of them provides.

In addition to all these recommendations, it never hurts to have some little tricks to encourage our kitten to drink water more often.

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We will be giving you some tricks to make your cat drink more water. Stay tuned!

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