Tips to follow before taking a cat for a walk

Many people let their kittens go outside and explore because they know they will be back home by dinner or bedtime. But not all families can let this happen, either because of where they live, for fear that something happens to their kittens or other reasons.

This does not mean that you cannot take your kitten outside. It can be done, but you must take into account some recommendations before doing so.


Is it positive for my cat to go for a walk?

The answer is: it depends. You must take into account factors such as the characteristics and personality of your cat in particular.

Not all cats want or need to go outside. If you are a traveler and you want your kitten to get used to and accompany you on adventures, pay close attention to this article where we are going to give you some tips before taking a cat for a walk.


Tips for taking a cat for a walk:

  • Personality of the cat

Before making the decision to take your cat outside, it is very important that you know your cat. Is it a sociable cat? Curious about the environment? If you have a garden, is it interested in exploring?

For cats it is not necessary to go out, if we take them, it must be well planned and knowing that it will be an extra happiness for the kitten and not a stressful or uncomfortable moment.


  • Visit the vet

It is important to visit the vet and communicate your intention to take the kitten outside, since they can advise you in your specific case and, in addition, vaccinate or treat it with what is necessary to prevent it from contracting diseases.


  • Backpacks for cats

If you are not very sure about your cat and how it is going to react, we recommend that you buy a backpack for cats and try to go to the field or quiet places with it inside.

Thus at first your cat can discover the outside as when you are going to go to a visit to the vet, without losing the protection of the backpack and familiar space.


  • Harness and leash

In order to take your kitten for a walk, it is necessary to use a harness and leash. Before taking them out directly with this equipment, it is necessary to prepare the cat beforehand.

Cats have a great control of their body and balance, by adding the weight of the harness and that feeling of pressure, it makes the kittens unbalance and fall to the ground because of this “extra load”.

We recommend that you put the harness on your kitten at home every day for at least 15 minutes so that he gets used to the sensation.

So that your cat does not associate it with something bad or uncomfortable, it is best to reward the kitten as soon as you put on the harness and motivate him to walk with his favorite treats. This way, your cat will associate it with a positive moment.


  • Places to take the cat

Once your kitten has become “friends” with the harness, it is very important that you define and look well for the places to go with it.

Not all places are good for cats. It is important to take them to controlled and wide spaces. For example, the field or the mountain/beach.

Quiet places without the presence of cars or dogs that could be dangerous for the feline.

This point is very important, since a cat is not like a dog. These walks must be controlled and well planned. Let’s not forget that it should be a pleasant moment for everyone and not an imposition on the cat.


We hope you found this post interesting. Taking a cat for a walk is not mandatory or a necessity, so we remind you that it is important not to force your kitten if it is shy or very homey. Outdoor trips are not for all cats or families.

But, if you want your cat to discover the beach or the mountains and its personality allows it, follow these recommendations for a safe and happy outing for everyone.

Do you want more tips? Feel free to visit our blog.

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