Top-Entry Litter Box. Good or bad?

We all know that litter boxes are the place where cats relieve themselves and should be designed for their comfort and safety.

In the market there are litter boxes closed or trays, a topic that we talked about in previous articles, but in this blog we are going to explain the advantages and disadvantages about top entry litter boxes.

It should be noted that the litter box with a top opening would fit into the closed litter boxes, so if your cat does not tolerate well the litter boxes that are covered, it is better that you discard this option.


Characteristics of litter boxes with top opening

This kind of litter boxes are closed like the usual ones, but their fundamental difference is that the kittens must access it from the top.

They do not have a door at ground level, which makes it good and bad according to various factors.


Disadvantages of top entry litter boxes

If you have a cat that needs to have a vision of the environment while it is in the litter box because it is in a vulnerable moment, we do not recommend that you choose this option.

This litter box is usually opaque on the part where the cat can have vision and the only ventilation and view of the outside is simply from the top.

Also, depending on the age of the cat, it may not be recommended. That is, if you have a small cat, it will not be able to access the litter box whenever it wants because it cannot reach the access point. The same happens with elderly cats, it is not recommended if they have mobility problems.

Another important point is ventilation, if the cleaning of the litter box is not daily regardless of the type of litter used, the smell may become more concentrated and your cat will reject it.


Advantages of top entry litter boxes

The litter boxes with the entrance through the top can be a great ally for cats that are very fearful or seek the maximum possible privacy during this intimate moment. Being a closed litter box, it is quite discreet for the cat and it is also beneficial for its family because of its cleanliness.

If you are tired of seeing that there is always litter outside the litter box and the usual closed litter boxes do not work, this type may be a good option.


To sum up, whichever litter box you choose, it is important to keep in mind that the cat is comfortable to prevent it from stopping using the litter box and starting to relieve itself in other parts of the house that we do not want.

Do not hesitate to write us with any questions or consult other blogs on our website for more information about cats and their care or curiosities.


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