Top kitty antics of 2017

It’s getting time to say goodbye to this year, and I can’t think of any better way to do so than by sharing the funniest cats of 2017. It’s been hard to choose just a few from among the millions of videos online showing us to be bold, somewhat clumsy and, above all, really, really funny animals. So, okay, humans, don’t miss out on one second of enjoying our kitty antics!


No, we are not afraid of cucumbers!


Despite appearances and the great laughs you’ve gotten at our expense, cucumbers don’t actually scare us. What we don’t like is for you to put things behind our backs to startle us. That’s the only thing we’re reacting to, and we try to flee the fright scene as fast as possible.

Okay, okay, I’ve got to admit that it is a bit amusing. Go on and keep on laughing at our adventures with those darned cucumbers! 😉


Not all of us are so crazy about water!


You know how the saying goes: “Curiosity killed the cat”. And it’s true, as soon as you put something that’s new to us within our reach, we embark upon the adventure of investigating what it may be. In this video, you’ll have a chance to see how, despite our being ones to go poking our nose into everything, falling into water is something we don’t find enthralling.




Humans, you’re just all too fond of playing tricks on us. That’s okay, we still love you anyhow. Like I just told you, we cats are very curious animals and will go over to sniff, leave our scent and, of course, check out anything within our reach to see if it’s something really to our liking.


If we get the chance, we’ll snarf it down!


Everybody who has a cat in their home knows it’s better not to leave any food within our reach. Yes, we’re just as greedy as can be, and we find your food to be so very appetizing. Have a bit of fun watching our mischief making off with your culinary delights to munch on.


Ah, sleeping, that grand pastime we simply adore!


Eating and sleeping our two of our favorite pastimes. But did you know that we cats are capable of dozing off just about anywhere? You didn’t? Well, here’s some proof!


I can fly!


I just can’t finish off the best kitty antics of 2017 without including a little potpourri of our best jumps… well, our best failed attempts, that is. Okay, alright, so you just give it a try yourself and see what happens, huh?

If you have any kitty antics that top these, please don’t think twice about sending them to us. We’d like to get a laugh or two out of your kitties’ escapades, too!


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